Cruising is a fantastic and cost-friendly way to vacation and see the world. Most people look forward to a cruise and have a list of preparations they follow before boarding the ship. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your next voyage.

Learn as Much as You Can about Your Ship

With large mega-ships debuting every year, learning about all there is to do aboard it beforehand can help in getting the most out of your day. Most of the larger ships require reservations for a number of shows and activities you’d like to attend, and it’s best to book as early as possible. Boarding and then realizing that the times you wanted are fully booked would be a disappointing way to start your vacation

Research Shore Excursions

Every port you dock at offers shore excursions. The cruise line recommends and sells certain excursions, however, it’s always best to do your own research beforehand. There are a number of excursions the cruise line does not offer. In addition, cruise line excursion prices tend to be more expensive than booking it straight from the tour operator. Use this information to decide whether to go through the ship or on your own


Depending on your cruise destination, you might find yourself bringing a bathing suit or two onboard and you might want to make sure you are bikini ready. It’s warm season year-round when you’re in the Caribbean and being healthy and having more energy to keep up with all the activities both on and off the ship are additional bonuses. In addition, losing a few pounds before you board the ship will help to offset the weight that’s usually gained while onboard. With delicious food available 24/7, it’s not uncommon to put on some weight while on a cruise

If you have neglected the razor this winter, it might be worth the investment to go to The Sheen Vein Institute and get some laser treatments done for legs and armpits. This way you won’t have to pack the razor when you head out either.


Cruises sail to various destinations worldwide. It is important to learn about the climate of the region before you start packing your bags. Packing multiple layers for Alaska would be more beneficial than just throwing in a large winter jacket as the temperature range is quite large in the summer time. Caribbean weather tends to be warm year round, but Bermuda can be pretty chilly during early spring. Try and be as prepared as possible to not have to purchase additional clothing when you arrive at the port

There are more ways to prepare for your cruise, however, these steps would help to create a hassle-free vacation