Alaska is one of the last few places one can visit in the US and truly feel like they’re far from civilization. The state is filled with beautiful landscapes, unique wildlife and a few cities and towns spread throughout. First time visitors to Alaska may not know what to expect. The following are 4 tips to help you make the most of your Alaskan adventure.

See The Sights

It’s fun to see some of the sights Alaska is known best for. If you find yourself in Juneau, a wonderful place to explore on it’s own, you should check out the Shrine of St Therese and Mendenhall Glacier. The small Alaskan towns like Ketchikan and Fox exhibit the Alaskan spirit that has kept the state alive and thriving.

Go On An Outdoor Adventure

One of the most fun ways to explore Alaska is by small plane. Hiring a pilot for a tour of the land allows you to see sights that can’t be reached otherwise. For the adventurous types looking for a truly unique Alaskan experience, you can hire a guide for dog sledding. Some of the other popular outdoor activities in Alaska include glacier climbing, whitewater rafting and hiking. It can also be fun to rent a snow machine for exploring.

Take a Day Cruise

Day cruises allow you to get up close to glaciers. They also give an opportunity to see native wildlife species that can’t be seen elsewhere. One of the best things about a day cruise is that you can view wildlife in their natural habitat. Seals, puffins, whales and bears are common sites on many of these cruises. You can also watch for the elusive bald eagle hunting among the mountains. Day cruises depart from areas all over Alaska, but there are many options near Anchorage that leave from Whittier and Seward.

Pack Your Gear

Alaska offers many back-country exploring opportunities, and if that’s your plan you may want to bring heavier equipment with you to assist you in your travels. Using a wharf and container service can allow you to have your vehicle or equipment shipped to your location to have at your disposal during your trip. These containers can also be used to ship gear for outdoor activities.

Those who plan on doing a lot of hiking, camping, ice climbing or outdoor activities while staying in Alaska will likely want to use their own gear and may have more than they wish to put on a plane. Using the container service, means that your gear arrives safely, in a timely manner, and all the work was done for you.

Alaska is one of the most beautiful and unique places on the planet. Outdoor adventurers will not lack for activities that thrill. There are also many opportunities for those who appreciate a slower vacation style with walking tours, cruises and shopping in the larger cities. Visiting The Last Frontier means a vacation you’re not likely to forget.