When you talk about the most romantic places in Sydney, you cannot forget about the Centennial Park. This park has 11 ponds and lakes, and the most photographed one is the Lily Pond. It has a nice, white bridge that is a frequent motif on the wedding photos, since the place is very romantic. However, here are some other places that can become your favorite romantic place in Sydney.

Open Cinemas

Cozying up with your loved one over a bag of popcorn and a movie is the situation that makes you feel all warm from the inside. However, that is something that you tend to do every day. If you still want to keep the romantic part of cuddling and watching a movie, but you want to make it a bit different, try going to one of the Sydney Open Cinemas. There are even the drive in cinemas for the romantic and vintage experience of movie nights.

Luna Park

It may be a cliché, but you will hardly find a girl who doesn’t like a plush toy that her boyfriend won for her at the Luna Park. Sydney has the coolest of the Luna Parks around. That is just one of the reasons to visit it. There are rotors and carousels, moon ranger and the spider and many more interesting rides. But, at the end of the day, you can even have a very romantic dinner at the Deck restaurant within the park. This is a classy venue that will not leave you disappointed.

Royal Botanic Garden

This garden is huge and it is very hard to explore it in one day without getting tired. Therefore, you should first choose the tour with the Choo Choo Express. This is an adorable train that will get you to all the best places in the garden. Once you see them all, decide where you would like to have a nice romantic picnic for two.

Old Sydney

The romantic old city of Sydney definitely awaits for the two of you to visit it. Two things that you need to visit to feel the spirit of the old days is the George Street and the Randwick area. You can wander around the Rocks and check out the old buildings, but if you want something interesting, come around on Friday and check out the Foodie Market. The tastes and the flavors of amazing food that you feed to each other will become a very romantic occasion. For a whole weekend, simply find a nice accommodation in Randwick area, explore the surroundings together and enjoy the lovely scenery.

Bridge Climb

For the most adventurous couples, the Bridge Climb is the perfect activity when in Sydney. You can choose to do this at any time of the day and even night. You need some equipment and an experienced guide, but that will not be hard to find. They will even take photos of the two of you. The adrenalin rush is amazing and the view of the Sydney is jaw-dropping. This makes it one of the must-do things for all adrenaline junkie couples.

Some couples will enjoy walking the streets of Sydney hand in hand and call it the best day ever. Others will go on the tours that feature the historical sites, and enjoy them like nothing else. Fine dining and nice accommodation will be a treat for some couples. Whatever your definition of romance may be, you will be able to find a place or activity in Sydney that will turn your date into the most romantic event ever.