North America is a slice of heaven to ATV riders. There are vast trails with a wide array of terrains that stretch for miles. In truth, there are an incredible diversity of landscapes and options for the dream experience. What is more, there are several ATV spots worth talking about and should entice more than other locations.

Taylor Park (Colorado)

This is such a perfect spot for ATV enthusiasts that you should plan on staying more than one day. In fact, it can actually take you weeks to explore the entire area. The park is a favored ATV area that also offers many accommodations such as lodging, guest ranches, a restaurant and a marina with boats to rent plus pools, showers, club houses and organized activities. Taylor Park is located near Almont and offers numerous trails for your enjoyment.

The Paiute ATV Trail (Utah)

The Paiute ATV Trail offers more than 2000 miles of both main and side trails that are extraordinary. It is renowned for its remarkable diverse wildlife, profound dense forests and pristine lakes. The main loop itself takes more than 24 hours to complete. Many say that the Paiute ATV Trail has the best trails in the nation. Even ATV Illustrated rated it one of the top 5 in the US. Moreover, the Paiute ATV Trail sponsors the Fillmore National ATV Jamboree every June, the Paiute UTV Jamboree in August (Marysvale) and the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree held in September.

Due to how challenging certain parts of the trail might be, all riders should be cautious. If you go and experience an accident, don’t hesitate to call emergency help. Then, make sure to get legal help from a lawyer, such as one from Dunnigan & Messier P.C., who is experienced in ATV-related incident cases.

Coal Creek Trail System (Tennessee)

Coal Creek Trail has one of the best ATV trail systems in the Southeast. It offers more than 100 miles of trails with a diversity of terrain like fast dirt roads, hill climbs and mud pits. As well, it is open 365 days a year and the camp sites are free. There are also annual events such as the Coal Creek OHV Area Spring and Fall Jamborees, Trail Fest, OMA Winter Nationals, Hummer Club Event, the Woodsbuggy Hill Climbs and many more. Tucked in the hills of East Tennessee in the town of Oliver Springs, the Coal Creek OHV Area is located approximately 38 miles from the town of Knoxville.

Carter Off-Road Park (Arkansas)

Carter Off-Road Park delivers more than 1000 acres of land for the ultimate ATV experience. So of the features include trails, hill climbs, mud pits and a 4000-foot obstacle course plus a creek. As well, there are fully furnished treehouse cabins and camping available (no electricity or water) with bathhouse facilities. There are also special events throughout the year like music, vendors and tournaments. The park is located near Alexander and Little Rock (off I-30 west to exit 126).

When taking your ATV somewhere, it’s all about the view and the experience. Take the opportunity sometime to ride around explore one of the above pristine locations.