Melbourne is not topping one of the hackneyed, overcopied lists of international spots famed for wild nightlife and eccentric activities. This, however, doesn’t mean that the city hasn’t got a series of amazing ventures to offer for all generations. Follow our lead.

Multilevel diversion

Even though you can say Melbourne is predominantly a family-proof, serene place, it also has its slightly wicked side. Anyone who’s a thrill seeker first and foremost should visit one of the entertainment complexes as their first stop for the night. The enormous establishments can accommodate every visitor’s wish, starting off with a variety of games and gambling options. You won’t fall short of betting saloons and sport bars either. For the ladies, there are innumerous classy eateries and live concerts to enjoy.

Gastronomical melting pot

Whether you’re a foodie or not, you simply must take a trip along the unpredictable gastronomical road, it’s just that diverse. Considering city’s situated in a country that hosts a great number of distinct cultures, the national food offer is a fusion of different cuisines from around the globe. From the inevitable Chinatown and vast variety of Asian delicacies to more classic Italian or unique Aboriginal dishes, Melbourne is a veritable melting pot of gastronomy. Delight your palate with an abundance of flavours and aromas prior to hitting the clubs in the city centre or round up your tour in another funky, high-end restaurant.

Eclectic musical scene

Melbourne’s choice of music and rhythms is a perfect counterpart to its mixed food culture. Hundreds of clubs and stages are a nocturnal home to a myriad of music genres and one-of-a-kind combinations. If by any chance you find yourself in Melbourne in the last week of May or the first week of June, be sure to pay a visit to the popular Melbourne’s Jazz Festival. It is deemed as one of the finest international events.

For musical lovers, you mustn’t miss the Princess Theatre. Placed in one of the oldest edifices in the city, Princess Theatre has had a standard repertoire since year 1854. Nowadays it is renowned for its production of musicals. Its gems include time-honoured West Side Story and Phantom of the Opera, while modern stage is taken by Mamma Mia, among others.

Drinks paradise

Having the privilege to count itself among the top ten wine making countries on the planet, the places in Australia provide an enviable number of local and world-known beverages. Still, if you’re currently in Melbourne, why not check out the town’s specials. Australian people are quite proud of their beer, and you can say Victoria Bitter truly represents the city and the whole region. So, if you found yourself thirsty for something exquisite to sip while chatting with friends, just hit the local liquor stores and the devoted vendors won’t fail you.

Prep your bellies for comedy crack up

Envision an ideal evening in Melbourne and it will decidedly have to involve having the taste of the superb sketch shows or stand-ups. Two of the most belly-tickling are the Comedy Club situated in Collins Street and the Comic’s Lounge found in Errol Street. With a cup of your preferred refreshment and something to nosh on, you will have an all-around experience at one of these locations. Still, you are free to roam around and find another one of the hidden jewels of comedy scene in Melbourne.

A cherry on top

To spice it up, here is a list of top five bars to test drive while you’re in the city, composed carefully by a Melbourne nightlife expert:

1. The Lui Bar
Keywords: panoramic, Lost-in-Translation-like atmosphere, smart dress code, espresso martini

2. Eau de Vie
Keywords: speakeasy seductive, liquid nitrogen, outrageous custom cocktails

3. Bar Americano
Keywords: ten-person capacity, vintage Italian, Golden Age concoctions, cash only

4. The Everleigh
Keywords: leather, hardwood, class, Mad Men, impromptu dishes

5. Siglo
Keywords: rooftop, Parisian air, architecture, romance

If you were at all uncertain about picking Melbourne as your next adventure destination, I believe we have cleared all your doubts by now. With all its entertaining and delectable features, it only remains for you to book a ticket, pack the essentials and have fun!