There are a lot of people who dream of finding a globe-trotting career, and there are many others who dream of quitting their jobs to travel the world. The good news is it is not necessary to leave the labor force to travel or spend any money. Here are six ways to get paid to travel.


If traveling to ancient or remote parts of the world sounds attractive, then a career as an archeologist is the way to go. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and education to become one, but traveling, recovering ancient artifacts and chronicling ancient human cultures is a fantastic trade.


Auditors make their living by traveling all over the country to comb through the tax and financial records of businesses. Many trips offer the opportunity to spend several weeks at a new location. Exotic locations may not be plentiful, but it is a great job for people who love to travel with an affinity for math.

Musical Librarian

Many people would not think an online master’s in music education offers a chance to travel, but it does. Musical librarians often require a master’s in music education, and they often get to travel with orchestras. They work closely with conductors by copying sheet music, scores and gathering music for the orchestra to play.

Cruise Line Employee

Working on a cruise ship is easier to get into than most traveling jobs, and working on a ship is open to people of all educational and training backgrounds. It is a dream job for people who love to travel, and it usually provides free lodgings and food.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants work erratic hours, and they often face some challenging situations, but it is an easy job to get into for travel lovers. Prior customer experience and an FAA certification is all it takes to visit hundreds of cities all over the world.

Railroad Worker

The railroad industry is still very much alive, and many positions offer opportunities to relocate and frequently travel. The freight industry is also committed to employing veterans, which offers them a chance at career change and an opportunity to travel simultaneously.

These are six great careers for people wanting to travel for a living. Some of them are easier to get into, and there are some, which require years of education. It’s still possible to get a dream job.