It’s time to plan a family vacation and you are looking for something to entertain your active, sports-loving family. You’ve done the whole camping thing multiple times; it’s time to try something new. Consider planning a vacation that will put “soccer ball” and “cleats” on your packing list. You can incorporate sports into your vacation in a few different ways.

Go Sightseeing

Historical vacations are not only for history buffs or religious pilgrims—you can plan a historical vacation around locations important in your favorite sport’s, team’s, or player’s history. Hall of Fame museums are the perfect sight to see to learn more about the history of your favorite sport. Here are the Hall of Fame Museums for some of the most popular sports:

  • Football: Pro Football Hall of Fame Museum in Canton, Ohio
  • Baseball: Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York
  • Tennis: International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island
  • Soccer: National Soccer Hall of Fame Museum in Oneonta, New York
  • Basketball: Naismith memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Rugby: US Rugby Hall of Fame in San Diego, California
  • Golf: World Golf Hall of Fame Museum in Augustine, Florida

Other miscellaneous historical sports sights to see include

  • the “Touchdown Jesus” statue outside of Notre Dame Football Stadium in Indiana.
  • Dodger Stadium, Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, or any of the numerous famous baseball stadiums across the United States.
  • picking a favorite childhood basketball player and visiting the stadium where his retired jersey hangs from the rafters.

Catch a Game

Does your bucket list include attending the World Series or the World Cup? Why not make it your next vacation? Secure tickets through eBay, a radio station, a friend of a friend, or any other way you can, and plan your own trip around the sports event of your choice.

Or find a getaway package that includes the event. For example, tennis fans can find travel packages for the Australian Open through companies like Travels With Soha. Or football fanatics can book a Super Bowl getaway and get game tickets, hotel rooms, and party entrance passes through companies like Sports Traveler.

Get Involved

If playing sports sounds more entertaining to you than watching them, get involved. Sign up for non-professional tournaments or events like charity golf tournaments. Or find 5k or marathon races that are held in cities you want to visit.

Sports Resorts

Or book a vacation with a sports resort. Stay at a location, like Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort, that has basketball courts, golf courses, archery ranges, jogging trails, exercise rooms, pools, tennis courts, and volleyball nets for hours of fun recreation. 
Some resorts are more specific and focus on just one sport—traditionally tennis or golf. They usually offer plenty of facilities, equipment, and even lessons to the people who stay there.

Options for Everyone

Another option growing in popularity is Lake Myrtle Sports Park. Not only does it include 11 soccer fields, 5 baseball fields, plenty of parking, and bike trails, it’s also located in central Florida, a vacation spot full of attractions for every individual in your traveling party, like those who would rather go shopping than spend hours playing a pickup game of baseball. If you find a sports resort in a good location, you really can make everyone happy.

Don’t put your love for the game on hold when you “get away from it all:” take it with you! Whether you are embarking on a sports history pilgrimage, attending the game of your dreams, or competing in a tournament, including sports on your vacation is sure to keep you entertained and active while you are enjoying time off of work.