When you’re ready to give up the trappings of life that tie you to high utility bills, traffic and commercialism, living off grid is often the answer. For many people, off grid living offers a more relaxed and gratifying way of life. A camper or RV can be a great home for anyone looking to get off the grid, and these shelters can easily be customized to suit your comfort needs.

Evaluate Your Comfort Level

Going off grid can certainly help you get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You’ll be able to escape traffic, rent and other expenses; however, you’ll also be giving up many of the comforts you’ve probably become accustomed to enjoying. It’s important to be realistic about what you are willing to do without. For example, living off grid will typically mean that you’re not going to be near emergency medical services or doctors. Before going off grid completely, it’s a good idea to try some weekends or extended getaways to see if this is really the life for you.

Find a Place to Park Your Camper or RV

You can choose your own land, open BLM land or even one of the communal properties frequented by RV enthusiasts. Choosing your location is important. Consider the weather and nearby amenities, especially if you’ll be living there year-round. In recent years, people have started being fined for camping or staying on their own land in RV’s and campers.  This is simply not right and incredibly unconstitutional.  For those interested in these sort of public policies, an MPA degree might be worth looking into.  It can teach you the things you need to know about these sort of laws. Serving the public and protecting their rights from tyranny is a worthwhile pursuit.

Staying in Touch

An area that can be difficult for some people is staying in touch with family and loved ones. While you might be yearning for an opportunity to get away from it all; chances are, you don’t want to completely leave your loved ones behind. It’s also important to leave some way for others to contact you. While you can use free Wi-Fi at many public libraries, it’s a smart idea to also have a post office box or mail drop where you can receive letters or messages.


One of the challenges you’ll face is learning a new way to cook your meals. Even if you have a propane stove in your RV, chances are you’ll still have to adapt. Of course, if you don’t want to be replenishing propane on a regular basis, you can choose to use an outdoor BBQ or solar oven. Keep meals simple and cook outdoors as much as possible.

Off grid living offers plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the solitude; however, it’s definitely not for everyone. Before you take the leap, learn as much as you can about living off grid. It’s also helpful to begin by going off grid for short periods of time. As your skills grow, so can the amount of time you stay off the grid.