1. Availability of water

In a camp, plenty of water is required for different purposes such as cleaning and other basic uses of water while in the site. If the site doesn’t have clean water, you are required to carry with you all the water that you need.

2. Accessibility

The camp should be easily accessible either by foot or a drive up campsite. The camp should be half mile or less walk for your trip. Camp sites that are inaccessible in which ever ways should always be avoided as much as possible. Accessible sites make it easy in and out the camp.

3. Landscape and size of the campsite

Relatively Flat slope makes sleeping and other activities in the camp easy after a long day on the trail for example, cooking. Also, if the camping site is composed of children or adults consider the number of persons to attend the camping and ensure that it can comfortably fit in the selected camping site.

4. Openness of the site

Being awoken early in the morning by a blazing hot sun broiling the tent in the morning after a long hike during the day is quite unpleasant. Thus it’s important to choose a spot where you can get a bit of morning cover if at all possible. Also, the tents should be pitched facing south east to get the morning sun.

5. Weather

It’s always advisable to get to understand the probable weather in the campsite at the time and date of your visitation. This will help in choosing the appropriate clothing such as heavy jackets, socks, shoes and T-shirts necessary for the weather. It will also help in avoiding infections as a result of cold or such weathers during such periods. It is always advisable to go for camping during summer seasons.

6. Site conditions

It’s always good to check around your site if there are features like dry trees, huge rocks, if the ground is twigs and your gear and also injure you, heavily compacted soil also be poor and those such sites should be avoided and if need be for them to be used, them they should be cleared and properly prepared before use for purposes of safety to the ones camping during that period in the campsite.

In conclusion, camping should be fun and an enjoyable event. The choice of a camping site is very important in achievement of these objectives.