Taking a family trip to the beach can be a lot of fun, especially if the weather is great. However, it is important to exercise caution when it comes to your kids’ first beach trip. The beach is a whole lot of fun, but it can also be a dangerous place. By taking into account the following tips, you can ensure your child’s safety while allowing them to have a great time.

Start Early

Try to arrive at the beach by 9 or 10 am. This way the area will not be as crowded, which leaves more room for your kids to run around and play. Young children are always more energetic in the day time. If you go too late in the afternoon, they may already be tired and will not enjoy the beach as much. Going early also ensures that you can get in plenty of fun and get home before dark.

Invest in Sunscreen

There is no such thing as too much sunscreen. Invest a bit of money and get the best available product, especially for your kids. You do not want them to get burned on their first trip to the beach. Make sure you rub the sunscreen on any exposed areas of their body, including the back and chest if they plan on taking their shirt off.

Discuss Beach and Ocean Safety

If your kids do not know how to swim, ensure that they stay clear of the water. Even if they are proficient swimmers, talk about the difference between an ocean and a swimming pool. Your kids should know that the ocean can be dangerous, especially if a large wave is on the horizon. Stay with them when they are swimming and do not let them wander off to another part of the beach.

Pack Spare Clothes

Kids can be incredibly fussy, especially if they are tired from running around on the beach. After a few hours they will come to you and say that their clothes itch. They will not stop complaining until you can get them changed into fresh, sand free clothes. Pack a couple of spare outfits for your kid. Ensure they are packed in zip lock bags, because that is the only way to avoid the sand.

Swimming Lessons

If your young child wants to experience the ocean, they must be a capable swimmer. Even if you go into the water with them, an ocean trip is only safe if they can swim properly. Here is a Washington University study that shows the importance of swimming lessons for young kids.

Schedule affordable swimming lessons in NYC or at your local swimming pool for your kid before you take that first trip to the beach. You will be surprised by how quickly they learn how to float and perform different swimming strokes. Within a few weeks, your kid will be proficient in the water.

Stock Up on Water and Snacks

Running around on the beach and building sand castles can work up an appetite pretty quickly. Within an hour or two of being at the beach, your kid will be hungry. While some beaches have nearby restaurants, it is better to pack snacks. This will be more convenient and save you money. Take simple snacks, such as crackers or cookies, because complicated food items will just create a mess.

A family’s first trip to the beach can be an incredible bonding experience. But, it is vital to be fully prepared for everything you may encounter. Planning properly will ensure a more enjoyable and safe experience for you and your kids.