Road trips, the best way to travel intimately and expansively is very much alive and well as part of American leisure today. Most of us own a memory or two of a few road trips in our day, but some have yet to experience the most traveled tradition of all time.

So, what makes a road trip successful? Let’s take a look through the windshields of our minds where windows are clear and gas tanks are full.


Generally, the budget is the driving force behind every road trip. If you are driving, a vehicle’s gas and maintenance costs is a first. Understand your car’s needs. Clean vehicles travel better. Include a cleaning and an overall maintenance appointment in your travel budget prior to departure. Budgeting hotels and other sleeping spots like camp grounds and RV parks is next. Organize daily costs prior to departure and include daily meals brought from home, commercial meals and snacks in the budget prior to departure. This may be an approximate cost, but try to budget on the high side to be safe.

Legal Documentation

Accidents happen. Groth & Associates recommend you place all health and auto insurance cards/papers, licenses, passports, and emergency back-up kits in a water-tight container.

Safety in Numbers

No one wants to think about the negative side to road travel. But planning ahead to carefully protect the human and financial investment when traveling is a priority. After preparing well-ahead to create a fun and safe road trip, make sure you’ve got your hand held behind the scenes for those unexpected traveling obstacles.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Preparing for a successful road trip doesn’t have to be all business. Road trips should also be considered time spent well seeking out unknown hot spots to explore. Anticipate shopping at local fruit stands and antique shops. Doing a little homework researching diamonds in the rough that can’t be found anywhere but in the heart of the drive is a big part of what a successful road trip is all about.

Don’t be afraid to be flexible during road trips. If there is a strict time schedule to consider, don’t overbook or overstay. But do stop long enough to smell the roses along the way. It can still be one of the greatest trips you’ll ever take as long as you prepare well.