Most people love to vacation but hate the planning phase. In fact, an Omnibus survey in 2014 found that 89% of Americans hate planning vacations. Luxury resorts take a lot of this stress out of the equation, because you can expect to have fine amenities waiting for you. However, not all luxury resorts are perfect for everybody, so it’s important to plan your trip thoughtfully.

A la Carte, Packages, or All-Inclusive?

Some people swear by all-inclusive resorts, but sometimes they can feel like you are playing a game to try to get the most out of your vacation. Unless you are headed to an exotic foreign location where all-inclusive resorts are strictly the norm, expect to get the most value out of a package that sounds appealing to you personally.

Good resort packages will include some upscale meals and special indulgences like a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket when you get to your room. Provided activities like golf, skiing, and surfing are popular as well.

Find a Resort with Features You Actually Want

So many hotels provide a lengthy list of amenities, but if you actually read them you discover that the list is full of expected necessities like internet and a flat-screen television. Some places, though, like the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes, actually include all of the nice treats you expect plus premium features. Wouldn’t it be cool to stay at a hotel that offered both spa services and grocer delivery? If you think so, then start looking for those types of amenities!

Don’t Just Pass the Time

Everyone gets more out of a vacation that includes activities, even those who prefer to spend most of their vacations reading ebooks while lounging poolside. Find a resort that speaks to your passions, like golf or wine tasting. On the other hand, you should consider stepping outside your normal activities with jet skiing or other water sports. Activities for the kids will certainly help everyone have more fun, too.

Make Yourself at Home

For stays longer than a few days, give yourself the chance to settle in and enjoy your surroundings. Of course, you can always be pampered as much as you wish with massages and spa days. Some other ideas to help feel comfortable without just lying around all day:

  • Order groceries and cook a romantic dinner to eat on the balcony or patio
  • Jog along the beach or in a nearby trail for some exhilarating exercise
  • Take advantage of business centers to stay just connected enough so you can relax the rest of the day
  • Get your spa treatment in the room rather than heading out

The perfect luxury resort vacation means different things to different people. Ultimately, your resort stay should be relaxing and thrilling as long as you research your options and plan around the activities and features that sound most enjoyable to you. Just be sure to leave some free time in your amenity to explore everything out there.