Traveling makes you more aware of the world around you, and opens up your mind to other ways of thinking. If you have a thirst for travel, getting out and seeing the world doesn’t have to prevent you from getting your degree. With careful planning, you can travel breaks and buckle down to get your degree during the school term. There are also several other planning tips that make travel a high priority, while still allowing you to get good grades in school.

Choose the Right School

Select a school that operates on a quarter basis, and you can go on a jaunt around the world during every break. Plan any trips you want to take well in advance so you can get out and see the world as soon as the current session ends.

Save Your Money

Think of ways to earn a little cash, even if it’s just selling your textbooks at the end of the term. If you go out with your friends, offer to be the designated driver. You can earn a little cash for driving everyone home, and you’ll be saving a ton of money on alcohol and expensive food if you don’t drink. Your friends will be so amazed at your generosity, they might even spring for your food. Many times, bartenders will give you a free soda or non-alcoholic drink if you mention you’re the designated driver as well.

Make Plans Early

About a month or two before you go on your trip, book your hotels and your plane tickets. If you wait until the last minute, you may end up overpaying for your trip. If you have to scatter your bookings, get your hotel squared away first since there are usually plenty of options for travel.

Travel with Friends

Get a group of friends to go with you on each trip. If you’re lucky, you might find a group willing to make every trip with you. Pay attention to work, internship, and semester schedules though. If you’re taking courses online for RN to BSN programs or other elective credit courses, you’ll likely have to coordinate the way you plan your travel itinerary. Since many students also work while attending school, you’ll also have to work around these schedules.

Tutor During School

You’ll need money and a job that doesn’t interfere with your school breaks. Tutoring or note-taking is a good option to help out your classmates and it can also provide you with a way to save some money and not have any work obligations during the school break.

Don’t compromise your love of travel to get your degree. A degree is a crucial part of your life, and will increase your earnings over a lifetime. However, with the right planning, you can have the best of both worlds and not have to sacrifice anything.