If thinking about Hawaii, you only think about beaches and hula dancing. But you should also know that the archipelago has even more to offer.

Besides the incredibly blue sea, the interior of the islands are filled with waterfalls, volcanoes and much more (but much wild nature).

Are you on vacation? Would you like to know the charms of this natural paradise?

We’ve prepared a special guide to inspire you: a selection of Hawaii attractions that are not always shown.


Maui Island is famous for having resorts and luxury hotels amidst nature.

Maui will surely surprise you with its beauty, glamor, and calm. But contrary to what many may think, the beauty of the Hawaiian archipelago is not only composed of beautiful beaches, but also of mountainous, volcanic and very green landscapes.


Because of the rich and lush vegetation, Kauai is known as “The Hawaiian Garden Isle”. The best tip is to explore the island walking through nature, breathing in the fresh air that comes from the giant waterfalls.

One of the most beautiful places on the island is Na Pali Coast which is a recreation center in a wild environment. Not accessed by car – only by boat, helicopter, kayak or by hiking along the coastal cliffs.


Hanalei is a beautiful crescent-shaped beach on Kauai. The beach is frequented by world-class surfers and is considered the most beautiful beach in all of Hawaii by many locals and tourists.

Prepared to welcome tourists, but without losing the magic of being a heavenly place, Hanalei is considered the “happiest place” of Kauai. The locals seem to give more value to simple things like fresh food and are very hospitable to tourists.


The small town of Paia is frequented by surfers and maintains a rustic structure of restaurants and hotels. Despite the many tourists, the place is still very green, and full of water cascades, among other natural attractions.


One of the more touristy Hawaiian places is the east coast of O’ahu Island, where the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu, is located. The best-known beaches are also there.

One of them is Kailua Beach, suitable for visitors who enjoy windsurfing and kite surfing, with white sand and blue waters.


A visit to the extinct Diamond Head, also on O’ahu, is a priceless attraction to admire the Hawaiian charms of Honolulu and the Pacific at the same time.


In Waikiki, tourists enjoy the nightlife. It also has good housing options and more urbanized regions than the rest of the archipelago.


Polihua is the furthest beach from Hawaii. With large strips of sand the place resembles a desert, ideal for activities and walks on the dunes. One of the main attractions of this beach is the migratory traffic of humpback whales during the months of December to April, a beautiful and unique spectacle.

Did you like this article? Did you feel like venturing into this paradise? This is a small sample of what you can find in this heavenly place. Hawaii waits for you.

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