The holidays are a special time for families to be together. They aren’t a time to be by yourself, especially on Christmas. However, if you live far away from your family, then getting to spend time with them for the holidays can be more difficult and challenging. You may be among the many people who plan to travel home for the holidays. You will likely run into busy airports, traffic jams, large crowds, extreme weather and hectic schedules can make travel extremely challenging, but you can minimize the hassle if you plan well in advance.

Pack Carefully

Give your luggage a thorough inspection to ensure that zippers are functioning property and handles are secure. Broken luggage can be an annoyance as you travel during the holiday season. You can avoid additional airline baggage fees by keeping your packing lean and smart. If possible, have clothing items do two jobs instead of one. For example, a turtleneck can be used under a top as well as for sleepwear. Keep clothing casual to avoid having to pack additional pairs of shoes. Remember that if you are staying with relatives, you may be able to do some laundry while visiting and limit your clothing choices accordingly.

Assemble a Travel Medical Kit

Unfortunately, traveling over the holiday often means being exposed to a range of bacteria and viruses that can cause sudden illnesses. Be ready for anything by assembling an on-the-go medical kit to keep you comfortable throughout your trip. Include such items as:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Decongestant
  • Cough suppressant medication
  • Throat lozenges
  • Tylenol or ibuprofen for fever
  • Antidiarrheal medication
  • Antacids

Packing Gifts

Remember that airport security will require examination of any materials you bring on board the plane. This means that you will have to forego wrapping paper until you reach your destination. Many people pack paper and tape in their suitcases to do quick wrapping before the holiday festivities. However, others simply arrange their wrapping needs after they land.

Reserve Your Airport Transportation

Another item to arrange in advance is your airport transportation. Your flight schedule may not allow relatives or friends to pick you up at the airport. Arranging a car to take you to your destination is often the most practical answer for holiday travelers (Source: Airflight Services). Although most airports provide long-term parking for your vehicle while you are away, seasoned travelers know that the arranging for airport taxi or other transportation is a much more convenient option. You will pay a similar amount as for using the long-term parking lot and will have none of the problems of dead batteries, snow removal, scraping windshields or other problems that can slow your return to your home base. Use this handy option for making your holiday travel less stressful.

Don’t stay at home and be home alone for the holidays. If you haven’t made your travel arrangements yet, you will want to do so sooner than later, especially if your family lives in another state and you need to book a flight. The sooner you make the arrangements and if you plan carefully, you will have a successful trip home to enjoy the company of your family for Christmas.