Unfortunately, the “I will get in shape till New Year’s Eve” pledge has expired. The awesome news is that the chance to get ready for the summer adventures has just landed in your lap. Make sure you equip yourself properly on the start line. You may want to add a bit of Va Va Voom! to your figure with suitable diet and exercise. Also, prepare to show your signature style with carefully picked attire for the dream destination. Finally, don’t forget to stay safe in the sun!

Get in shape

Most of us get a little squishy during the winter months due to excessive holiday munching and lack of physical exertion. The most desired image for the summer is toned for the ladies, and a little buff for the men. Consult your local gym instructor what areas to target for the most favorable results. Improve your strength to endure the dynamic nature of seaside activities. If by any chance you can’t swim, don’t deny yourself the pleasure this sport has to offer. Join some swimming course on time and reap the benefits later!

Healthy replenishment

The most important element to your body’s vitality is definitely the all-present, life-giving water. It’s a number one ingredient for your diet and a must have on the beach. It will preserve the elasticity and young look of your skin. It is recommended you drink minimum 0.5 l/day, but the standard use is 2-3l. Also, boost your health with fresh fruit and veggies for the much needed vitamins and minerals.

Anti-cellulite battle

There is one thing girls hate the most, the devil in skin form – cellulite. As much as 85% of women has to deal with it. The universal motto is: attack it with all weapons! Some of treatments with positive results include algae rich mud, caffeine based gels and bioactive oils. Just be persistent and massage it regularly for optimal outcome.

Get beach-ready

For starters, choose the best fitting swimwear for maximum comfort and perfect silhouette. Many websites give solid advice next to a certain model. On the other hand, if you’re still a bit self-conscious about your body or you’d like to cover and protect your skin some more, make sure to have one of those amazing playsuits that can make you fabulously chic at the beach and can serve as a great party outfit at the same time.


To fully and safely relish the sun and water, use lotions and lip balms with SPF 15 or higher according to skin tone. Another beach essential is the large, quality towel. Additionally invest in wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses with genuine UV protection and a goggles + swim cap set. Makeup wise, matte powder would nicely mask the excess face moisture and shimmer will enhance the hard earned sun kissed look.

Pack your bags

Don’t to forget to find a trendy bag to match your swimwear style and you are good to go! A nice colorful straw bag is always good choice!

Once you have picked your summer destination, the determination is the initial step on the path to success. Faithfully follow our advice to shine like a star on the beach. This year is a winner for you!