Savvy travelers have everything they need, when they need it. Here are six tips to stay safe and organized while traveling.

Pack Smart

Before you start putting things into your suitcase, lay them out and plan out exactly what you want to wear, and when, so you don’t over pack. Then, start by putting the heaviest items near the wheels to keep the suitcase balanced even if you have to hurry through an airport.

Contain the Cords

You will thank yourself when you arrive if you do not have tangled, knotted electrical cords at the very moment you need to recharge your phone or tablet. Wrap up each cord with ribbon or clips, place them together in a single pocket, and you will not have to dig frantically once you arrive.

Keep a Checklist and Itinerary Handy

Write a checklist of everything you are going to need and bring it with you on your trip. It will work both ways so you do not forget anything important at the hotel. Also, create a paper copy of your itinerary with flight and hotel information, important phone numbers, and contact details for the embassy if you are leaving the country. It will be a lifesaver if anything happens to your phone or computer during your trip.

Plan for Security

Read up on procedures at the airports and know ahead of time what will need to be checked. Keep anything that will need to be screened, such as laptops and quart sized Ziploc bags, within easy reach. Consider wearing comfortable shoes without laces and plan ahead if you have any special health or privacy concerns. It’s important to pay attention to the crowds to avoid getting hurt and contact Ladah Law Firm if you get injured in an airport.

Leave Itineraries, Not Facebook Posts

While it is a good idea to make sure at least one person knows where you will be and how to contact you in case of emergency, it is not always a good idea to post on social media that you are out of the country. If the wrong person sees it, there might be an emergency.

Separate Money and Credit Cards

There are many traveler’s wallets you can use to bring along your passport, money, credit cards and other essentials but don’t let your convenience be a jackpot for a thief during your travels. Split them up and never carry them in a back pocket.

By following these six simple steps, you can travel like a pro. That means more time having fun, and less time stressing the details.