There are alternatives to commercial airlines that many travelers never even think about. But for those that do, the appeal of a private jet charter is undeniable. Thanks to many companies, private jets are no longer reserved for the rich and famous; anyone can book a charter flight to get them where they need to go, sometimes for less than it would cost to board a commercial airliner. However, many travelers are hesitant because they feel they don’t have all the information – let this article clear that up.

Speed and Flexibility

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a private jet is the flexibility it provides for the traveler. Sometimes you may need to depart at a time that commercial flights wouldn’t leave, and you don’t want to waste a lot of time stuck on the runway or at the airport. Private jets enable you to depart and land on a much tighter schedule than you would when flying commercial.


Private jets often have higher quality seats that recline better than commercial airline seats. In addition, private jets sometimes have areas for lounging and reclining, similar to the lounge car on a train. Some private jets even have showers that passengers are able to use while in-flight – have you ever bathed at 20,000 feet?

What airline should I choose?

When you rent a private jet, the company will consult with you in great detail about your travel plans, your destination, the amount of baggage you will have, and the size of your group. The company can then recommend the right airline to suit your needs. It’s as simple as providing the company with the information and letting them handle the arrangements.

Is it safe?

Unlike commercial airline pilots, private jet pilots only fly that single piece of machinery. They know it inside and out, and are able to identify potential problems early on. The pilots are held to the same standards of safety as commercial air pilots, and because they know their jet so well, it is often safer to fly on a private jet than a commercial jet.

How much does it cost?

An aircraft charter isn’t cheap, but for those wanting to travel in luxury, the value can’t be beat. The trend with private jets is to pay as you go, only paying for the time you are on board. While jet fuel is included in this cost, it still works out to be less than flying first class a majority of the time, and infinitely more comfortable as well.

What about international travel?

An aircraft charter handles international customs differently than commercial airlines. There are shorter lines and much less red tape, which means the process is much more streamlined and straightforward. You can land and be on your way much more quickly by taking a private jet charter than by flying on a commercial flight.

Private jets aren’t cheap, but if you split the cost with several friends for the luxury vacation of your dreams, it can be well worth it. Not only do they tend to be safer, more comfortable, and faster, but private jet charters are much more fun, and provide a unique experience you aren’t likely to get elsewhere.

This post comes from Aew, a recent MBA grad who is looking at booking a private flight within Australia this year. She has been talking to the people at Adagold, who charter private jets and other aircraft. Apart from her travels within Asia-Pacific, Aew is an avid reader of business books.