If you’ve never experienced Burning Man before, you’re probably looking forward to the adventure with a mixture of elation and apprehension. Following are a few survival tips that will help you make the absolute most of your upcoming journey of a lifetime.

Beyond the Obvious – What to Pack

When your purchase your ticket, you’ll be provided with a list of things to bring to make your stay in the temporary city as comfortable as possible. Burning Man takes place in a dusty, hot environment devoid of natural shade or any type of air conditioning – and this is why most of the activity takes place at night while daytime is for sleeping and relaxing.

The dust levels that occur at Burning Man can’t be emphasized enough – goggles will be your best friend, with chapstick coming in a close second. You might also want to consider bringing a package of disposable dust masks, particularly if you have respiratory issues. Because there are medical tents at Burning Man, you don’t need to bring the entire contents of your first-aid cabinet – just the basics that you’re most likely to need. Aspirin and all-purpose moisturizer are highly recommended.

Extra Health Concerns

The extreme heat in Nevada during Burning Man and the camp environment there can create a few particular health concerns. Burningman.com suggests that you always keep all food that must be refrigerated at less than 41 degrees, and to be wary of accepting food that you suspect may not have been properly kept or cooked. The camps will have designated food sharing stations that the Nevada State Health division has given the green light. And though it should be obvious in a desert environment, be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Everything You Do and Wear is Art

The Burning Man experience allows for any form of fun with fashion, so let your imagination wander freely while making your wardrobe choices. Because the heart of Burning Man beats most strongly after the sun goes down, glow-in-the-dark fashion accessories such as vibrant wigs, fur fluffies, and neon-inspired face and body makeup are de riguer desert attire when the moon and stars light the party.

Burning Man is a work of art in its own right.

Write About It

Just taking photographs and videos won’t do your Burning Man experience justice. Take a package of old-fashioned ballpoint pens and a notebook or two and write down your impressions and descriptions  – there will come a point in your life when you’ll be glad you did.

Burning Man Recovery

Even if you choose not to indulge in adult beverages and whatnot while experiencing Burning Man, it is still a transformative experience that calls for a bit of winding down after the city is dismantled and the travelers all go back to their everyday lives. Giving yourself a day or two to readjust to the world is advised.

Many Burning Man aficionados return year after year. From its beginning as a small art festival in the middle of Nevada desert during the hottest time to of the year to its current status as the planet’s prime party, Burning Man has always attracted those who live their lives on the cutting edge – even if it’s for just one week per year.

Image Source: “Burning Man” by Jennifer Morrow