We all can agree that a great road trip is exciting and a great way to see the world. It provides the opportunity to see great scenery, visit awesome places, and even mark a few items off the bucket list! When it comes to interesting scenery, America has some of the best in the world. It makes it hard to choose which route to explore. To start, here are five of the most scenic drives in America’s Midwest.

Route 66

Also known as the "Mother Road", Route 66 is the most famous highway in America. This iconic drive is filled with quirky roadside attractions, diners, and lodging. Some of the amazing and historic sights to see along the way include the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX, the Georgia O’Keeffe museum in Santa Fe, and the Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis Mo. This historic road begins in Chicago and spans the Midwest all the way to California. Packing the family up in an RV and getting your "kicks on route 66" is definitely a road trip you don’t want to miss.

Arts Road 46

This beautiful drive is just 40 miles, but it is well worth the trip. Located in southern Indiana, this scenic road is home to hundreds of artists. There are many local galleries and world class museums to explore. The three welcoming communities along this road also offer delicious food and multi-day music festivals at various times of the year. Besides the attractions, the beauty of the gold farmlands and German farms along the roadside are enough to make this beautiful drive a top choice for a great road trip.

Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway

This 287-mile route is worth the ride and starts near Belle Plaine. Along the way, the apple stands in Henderson and the 1885 August Shell Mansion in New Ulm, are some of the beautiful sights to see. If traveling on the weekend, Morgan Creek Vineyards is open for awesome tours and wine tastings if that’s your thing. Many of the downtown area boutiques and mom-and-pop restaurants offer a cultural taste of local foods. There are also many state parks and wildlife refuges. This is definitely an interesting stretch of road for an exciting road-trip.

Flint Hills Scenic Byway

For all nature lovers, this stretch of road doesn’t disappoint. 47-miles of tall grass prairies offer a scenic drive by the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. Here you can find over 500 types of plants, 40 mammals, and 150 birds. In addition to these beautiful sights, you will find beautiful butterflies like monarchs and orange sulphurs. After a day of nature sightseeing you can drive over to the 1884 Grand Central Hotel and Grille and order a great to go steak that will tickle your taste buds and have you wanting to come back for more. 

Tunnel of Trees

M-119, otherwise known as the "Tunnel of Trees" is one of the best Midwest fall drives. This Michigan route takes you through Good Hart where you may visit the historic Good Hart General Store that was built in 1934. This beautiful road has been ranked as one of the most scenic roads in Michigan and is due in part to the hardwoods and evergreens that line the streets and give tourists a glimpse into the forests. Along this narrow two lane road, passengers and cyclists alike will enjoy the beautiful scenery, pretty homes, and even glimpses of Lake Michigan. Motorcyclists are also allowed on this route so drivers should be mindful of this. If traveling on motorcycle, remember to be extra careful while taking in the scenery. You wouldn’t want to have to hire a motorcycle accident attorney after your road trip! 

These are just some of the scenic roads the Midwest has to offer. If you have the opportunity to see any of these beautiful sights, get plenty photos, and be sure to take in all the beautiful scenery these places have to offer.