St. George, Utah, sits in a beautiful desert valley in southwest Utah. This part of the world is among the most beautiful in the world. The natural destinations around St. George make it a truly international destination.

Zion National Park

With towering cliffs, steep waterfalls, and natural flower gardens, Zion National Park is a widely diverse place to visit. In a stretch of only a few miles, desert floor gives way to meadow grass and deep forests. Deep canyons make this area a perfect adventure for hikers and walkers. Those that want to take a tour by car will have plenty to see, as well. This national wonder is just twenty minutes from St. George, perfect for weekend hiking or a week long vacation. Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Zion National Park every year, so you are sure to experience a diverse group of like-minded explorers.

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

The Grand Staircase-Escalante has a wealth of natural wonders in a 1.88 million acre national monument. This wilderness area offers something for just about anyone. Slot canyons of different difficulties and sizes are available canyoneering, from canyons great for beginners to extremely technical and advanced routes. Guided tours into these canyons are the easy way to go. The Monument has hundreds of miles of trails, great for hiking and off-roading. This National Monument is about a 90 minute drive from St. George.

Snow Canyon State Park

Beauty carved by water from hardened lava is the story of Snow Canyon State Park. Located just 20 minutes north of St. George, this state park offers a look at colorful, yet fragile, desert. Light plays a big role in making this canyon wonder a truly breathtaking sight. Burnt oranges fade to creamy whites in the sandstone rocks that dominate the landscape. A wide range of plants and animals call this State Park home. For the people who want to make this part of the state their home, the realty executives at are the people to contact for residential or commercial property in St. George, Utah.

Kodachrome Basin State Park

The name of this state park comes from a suggestion made by a National Geographic team over 50 years ago. Kodachrome film dominated early Hollywood color film productions. The rich color palette of this state park inspired the name idea. Rich red rocks and bright blue skies are just begging visitors to photograph it. Monolithic chimneys jut up from the basin floor, making hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking the top pursuits, outside of photography, that is.

Sand Hollow State Park

With a recently created reservoir, Sand Hollow State Park has quickly become one of the most popular fishing spots in a state full of them. The large mouth bass fishing is some of the best in the state, and the park also has a multitude of quality OHV trails, RV camp sites, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities all situated in a stunning red rock setting.

Natural beauty is the hallmark of Southwest Utah and Saint George. It is an international destination for anyone who want to experience raw beauty at its finest.

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