With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might be planning a special romantic getaway with your sweetheart. When visiting a new city, you have hundreds of options for exciting activities, meals, and Valentine surprises. It will take a little planning, but when you design a weekend especially for your loved one, it will surely be a Valentine’s Day for the books. Keep reading to get a few genius ideas to help you plan a flawless Valentine’s weekend getaway with your sweetheart.

Set a Theme

Any weekend getaway can be instantly more fun when you add a theme for all of your activities. Choose the theme of “relaxation” if you want to take your loved one to a spa for the weekend. Or, if you remember the movie you watched on your first date, you can stake out in your hotel room for a classic movie marathon. You can cater the theme to your partner’s interests, your specific relationship, or something fun that will shake things up. You might even be able to find a themed hotel to make your weekend activities even more fun.

Gravy App

When you are looking for unique experience in an unfamiliar city, use the Gravy App as your guide for finding fun activities. All of the experiences are separated into categories like Literary, Classy, or Fun, and you can always find something to do with this app on hand. This is a great app if you are in a new city for the weekend and need a few hints.

A Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to see a new city, and share a memorable moment with your sweetheart. A balloon ride takes some planning, so make sure you make preparations beforehand. These rides are fairly popular for Valentine’s Day, but that also means that there are great Valentine’s Day packages and prices. You can even pack a small picnic and champagne for the ride as a special surprise up on top.

Open Table App

If you are getting out of town, one disadvantage is that you might not know where all the great places to eat are. And we all know that Valentine’s Day with your loved one isn’t complete without a romantic meal. When you use the Open Table app, you will have the ability to find all of the places in the area that have an open table. This app will also allow you to make reservations as you need to, and reservations are a good idea since hundreds of other couples will be going out that night.

Go Caving

Do you want to show your loved one how deep your love goes? A cave, especially one that is well lit and kept at a fair temperature, is a surprisingly romantic way to enjoy this special day. Caves are open all year round, and in many cases, they will not have the same kind of rush and stress of other venues. If you and your Valentine enjoy the outdoors, you can plan a special hike or cave adventure, and even make a special scavenger hunt for your sweetheart along the way if you have time.

No matter your Valentine’s interests, taste buds, or your budget for the weekend, with a little creativity, you can plan the perfect getaway that you’ll both enjoy. Use the apps and resources at your fingertips to get a little extra help when you are in an unfamiliar area, and don’t forget to add your own personal touch to the weekend by planning personalized details relevant to your specific relationship.

The information for this article was provided by the professionals at the Viejas hotel in San Diego.