If the lure of the open road is enticing you to plan a big adventure, you are not alone. A road trip can give you plenty of great stories to share with family and friends as well as wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime. However, some road trip memories may not be altogether pleasant. Things can and do happen on the road from time to time that can be stressful and even dangerous. By preparing yourself for what could happen, you will take steps to ensure that you have a better experience on your trip.

A Flat Tire

One of the most common events that can happen on a road trip is a blow out or a flat tire. You may be cruising along without a care in the world one second only to find yourself at a dead stop on the side of the road a few seconds later. Knowing how to change a tire, having a spare tire on hand and having all of the tools and supplies needed is important. After all, you may not want to wait around for help to arrive.

Running Out of Gas

Some travelers will also run out of gas even with the best planning. For example, you may think you can make it to the next gas station or you may take a wrong turn that leads you to the middle of nowhere. A smart idea is to keep a small tank of gas available in your trunk when you are on an extended trip, and you can also refill your tank as soon as you have less than a quarter-tank left.

A Mechanical Breakdown

A mechanical breakdown can also occur, and this can leave you with no option but to call a tow truck for assistance. You may consider keeping a toll-free assistance number available to call for help or ensuring that your cell phone is always charged and ready to reach out for help. Some towing services are particular about the type of payment they accept, so be sure to keep both cash and credit cards on hand to use in a time of emergency. Getting your car towed is the best option when you have mechanical problems so you don’t damage the car more.

Stranded in the Cold

If you will be traveling during the winter months or to high elevations at any time of year, there is always a chance that you may get stranded in the cold weather. Keep a blanket and several layers of clothes on hand and available to use as needed. In addition, be sure to keep flares and other emergency supplies in the vehicle.

Miles From Food or Water

When these or other mishaps happen, there is a good chance that you will not be close to civilization. This may mean that you will be without access to food or water for several hours or longer. Before you head out for your big road trip, pack a few bottles of water along with

Informational credit to Mike’s Auto Towing