There has never been such a profusion of mountain biking gear, equipment, and accessibility to amazing natural terrains. The sport enjoys a community so well developed, you’re sure to find plenty of tour or support groups at any popular mountain biking location, as well as gear and repair shops. Once you’ve got your ride secure on a Hitch City rack, and your gear ready to go, head to one of these five destinations and bask in the glory spectacular geography and challenging terrains.


British Columbia is a veritable wonderland of mountain biking trails and those in the town of Whistler are the most coveted. Over 120 trails, covering all levels of difficulty, combine with a bike park and almost every possible facility for the sport. Shops and repair stops are abundant so you won’t have to worry about getting that extra bike tire or bike racks from Toronto. You will not regret a visit to the pristine mountains of the Canadian expanse either.

Park City

Utah’s recreational mecca boasts some epic trails both in difficulty and in length. Hundreds of miles of trail spread out across an area that encompasses three ski resorts, and almost any other recreational venue you can dream of. All of the amenities of a full-fledged bike community are also available.


Over 100 kilometers of trail wind through New Zealand’s Whakarewarewa Forest. They have been the site for numerous globally recognized competitions over the years as well. However, the magic of Rotorua lies in its incomparable landscape. If your goal is to mountain bike in the most beautiful places on earth then waste no time and make your way to New Zealand.

La Paz

Bolivia is home to the world’s highest capital city and some of the most challenging mountain biking you’re likely to find. La Paz is located on an extinct volcano high in the Andes Mountains. The air is extremely thin so oxygen, our body’s most vital fuel, is a scarce commodity at this height. Biking here is not for the faint of lungs, but if you have the chops, you’ll be able to enjoy a singular landscape.

French Alps

Europe’s most prominent mountain biking destination is a great way to immerse yourself in the biking community. Plenty of locations in various towns like Chamonix and Morzine are dedicated to the culture and have plenty of facilities and chairlifts to get you up to the storied heights of the French Alps.

The aforementioned locations benefit from unique geography and distinct terrain but the complete list of amazing mountain biking destinations is beyond extensive, and each location boasts its own characteristic attractions. The beautiful thing is that the extensive biking community at any of these hubs are sure to clue you in to where to go next.