The felling of hitting the open road on a motorbike is the pure essence of freedom. Only you, your motorbike and the road make that feeling comparable only to US trappers moving West on their horses. Well, today we have motorbikes that make the whole experience more exciting and definitely much faster. However, riding a bike on a highway is much different than cruising around your hometown. Due to potential risks and unexpected situations, have a look at our short guide for easy-riding rookies.

Weather is (not) on your side

Although weather forecasters have so many technological devices at their disposal, they still make huge mistakes. Therefore, you should not rely on them when you are making plans to ride your motorcycle for hundreds of miles, but pack all the things that you might need along the way. First of all, you need a first-class helmet. Although it looks cool only to put a biker scarf around your head, cool will soon become cold, when your head gets whipped by the winds of the highway. Moreover, you need to pay special attention to your suit. It has to be a waterproof piece of clothing, to protect your body from rain. Finally, you should also put an additional raincoat in your bag, just in case.

Bug-free ride

Being a motorbike rider means having a certain number of macho traits. Bikers are tough and cool, which is why there is no bike rider who will accept installing a windshield on their beloved two-wheeler. And then they hit the open road and find themselves covered with bugs, flies and mosquitoes. Therefore, do not try to be a hero in the open road, but get a motorbike windshield. On the highway, you will have no local audience in front of which you should boast. Speeding at 80 or 90 miles with a swarm of bugs on your helmet is a dangerous thing. Nevertheless, if you ignore our tips, at least learn how to clean your helmet visor when on the road.

Reliable machine

For long highway rides you need a reliable motorbike. While your Honda CB750 might be the perfect choice for local rides, you should think twice before you set off for a 1,000-mile trip on such a motorbike. Rookies in every field can be a little bit too enthusiastic, which often puts them at risk. This is why they need to be warned by their more experienced biker colleagues. In accordance with these tips, you need to buy a trustworthy machine to conquer longer distances. If you cannot afford a brand new beast, have a look at some promising motorcycle auctions. You can find a second-hand motorcycle in a fine condition in such places.

Time management

Again, newbies that want to cover excessive mileage instantly should know that such a thing could have a fatal outcome. Underestimating the distance you need to pass during your motorcycle ride is dangerous and even a little bit stupid. When you are planning your trip, try to note down all the gas stations, rest areas and restaurants on your route. That way you will be able to manage your time properly and take a few rests along the way. You should never ride for more than three hours. In addition, if you have been on the road for a few hours already, make your rests more frequent.

Now that you know the basics, get your engine running and hit the highway. Eat well, drink enough water, make regular breaks and have some great fun on your first motorcycling trip.