High-energy vacations out in the desert might include a bit of dune driving and some four-wheel enthusiasts even spend entire getaways engaged in this activity, planning trips near destination that offer difficulty levels and challenging terrains. If you love spending time in the sand and don’t mind a bit of grit and dirt, check out these amazing trials before piling the four wheelers onto your trailer.


More than 40 back roads and trails exist here in this state and the seasons add an invigorating aspect with temperatures that often impact the experience. Western sections of the state are the most popular with areas around water features including Lake Pozega or Modesty Creek. For rockier and drier terrains, consider tracts near the cities of Missoula or Clinton.


With 1000+ miles of back roads, Colorado is a definite stop for any four wheeling vacation. The draw in this state is dizzying mountain climbs, old mining compounds, and incredible lakes and vistas. Plan to spend a day exploring each option. Tracts within wilderness areas include the Pike, Rio Grande, and San Isabel that offer camping in forgotten ghost towns. The central region of this state is worth repeat visits to cover all of the available off-road splendor.

New Mexico

Rock crawling is the name of the game in this state. From every region, out-backers will find an exhilarating trail to fall in love with. Bring plenty of supplies, because overnight stays with mild temperatures are a must. Four-wheeling is so popular here that clubs have been formed who schedule regular events throughout the year. Notable stops include Chama with its location in the southern section of the Rocky Mountains. Come prepared to do some angling with freshwater catches such as Brook, Cutthroat, Rainbow, and Lake Trout.


The city of Moab cuts to the chase for plenty of off-road adventures. This beautiful destination has jaw-dropping backdrops that reinforce the love of this activity. Tall red peaks that spiral endlessly upward with a variety of clearances greet visitors. National parks include Arches and Canyonlands with remote trails meandering through stunning terrain. Just like the names depict, scenic views of eclectic arches and diverse canyons are worth the trip. 

Before heading out, inspect your lift kit and skid guards on your devices. If they have been on too many previous trips, the wear and tear will be obvious. A new investment in both will keep this robust hobby at full-throttle. Additional equipment that is critical to any four wheeling vacation includes a reliable GPS device and a Hillsboro Industries utility trailer. Your next four-wheeling adventure will be a hit when you know where to go and what to pack!