Students often seize the opportunity to study abroad thinking that this will be their last chance to travel the world before completing their education and entering the real world. On the contrary, the reality is that the adventures don’t need to end upon graduation. The five majors below are excellent choices for dedicated travelers who want to continue to explore the world.


Students who major in business have a vast range of opportunities upon graduation, and travel-inclined business majors might revel in working as retail buyers. This is because retail buyers travel the globe in search of inventory to stock the shelves of stores. It can help to minor in a secondary field of interest, such as fashion merchandising, so that you can get an edge on entering your favorite retail sector as a buyer.


The health care field is booming, and so is the opportunity to take your gift for helping others onto the road. Travel nurses move around the country working short term assignments on an as-needed basis, often with the perk of free housing and medical benefits. Assignments typically last for several months to a year. Working as a travel nurse can be a terrific way to see the country.


Sociology prepares students for a wide variety of professions, which is one reason for choosing it as a course of study. An international brand ambassador expert with a bachelor’s in sociology says many sociologists have received training on how societies work, which in turn can provide them an advantage as traveling representatives. Alternatively, they can bring their skills in social work abroad as a coordinator for international social outreach programs. These are just two of countless possibilities for sociology majors.


English majors who obtain a TEFL certificate can work almost anywhere around the world teaching English as a foreign language. Traveling wordsmiths can also spin their talent with the written word into travel writing gigs.

Hospitality management
This may seem to be an obvious choice, and for good reason. Hospitality managers can leverage their degree to work anywhere around the country and even the world. You will need to earn your way up into a management role, but you can gain experience while working in resorts or cruise ships. With a degree in hospitality management, you can tour the world on your way up the management ladder.

Even though you might hang up your rucksack in exchange for something more businesslike after graduating from college, you don’t need to hang up your dreams of travel. By choosing the right major, you can get started on a path that will take you around the world.