Vacations are supposed to be a time to escape your normal life and busy schedules and enjoy a relaxing change of scenery. However, some vacations feel more like work than play. Have you ever come home from a trip feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation? If your vacations have become more than a hassle than a pleasure, it might be time to change your tactics. With a few subtle changes to your preparation process, you can enjoy a truly stress-free vacation that leaves you feeling relaxed and revitalized. Keep reading to learn how to achieve the ultimate luxurious vacation without all the stress.

Plan Ahead

There will always be unforeseeable circumstances that pop up, but by doing as much pre-vacation planning as you can, you can help avoid a lot of the stress that comes with vacationing. There are many resources at your disposal to help with the planning, including actual travel agents, online booking agencies, and travel websites such as or Once you’ve secured flights, car rental, and hotel reservations, make a rough outline of what you’ll be doing on this vacation. If you are the organized type, you can use your research and resources to create a tentative itinerary. That way, you won’t feel as much pressure when you get there to plan everything out—you’ll already have concocted a plan that allows you to make the most of every day on the trip.

Utilize Local Resources

No one knows more about your vacation spot than the locals in the area, so use them as a resource to learn more about how to get the most out of your stay. Call upon the local welcome center, tour guides, or even hotel concierges – all are full of useful information and can provide insight into areas and activities that may not be commonly known. This research will help you when putting together an itinerary. Not everyone wants to have a “touristy” vacation, so if you want to get a feel for the culture or the true atmosphere of your destination, get some advice from the locals.

Divvy Up the Money

If you give yourself a budget with which to abide by, there will be no surprises at the end of the trip and it will also be one less thing to worry about during the vacation. If you’ve already set aside an allotted amount, you are more likely to stay within your means while on the trip. Whether you take out some cash, or transfer specific money you’ve saved up for the trip into your checking account, you’ll stop worrying about overspending when you’ve set the money aside. You can get as specific as you want with your budget, planning it out daily or even a set amount for activities versus food, but as long as there are some set parameters in place, it will be sure to take away some of the financially related stress. If you are traveling abroad, you can download apps like Amount that convert currencies and give you information about exchange rates so you know what to expect when you get there.

Go with the Flow

This may seem simple, but it usually ends up being one of the hardest parts about vacation. It’s important to remember that no matter how much planning you do, you won’t be able to control every aspect of the trip. After you’ve made arrangements for transportation, accommodations, and a few activities, be willing to go with the flow. Things will come up on the trip that you don’t expect, but once you’ve set your best plans in place you have to hope for the best. Your vacation will be much more enjoyable as you allow yourself to be open to alternative activities and plans. Remember: some of your greatest adventures might come from a change in plans.

Although many times vacations bring on a lot of unneeded and unwanted stress, you can de-stress your vacation by making a few alterations. Proper planning and preparation can go a long way, and taking advantage of your resources and spending within your means can also bring drastic improvements. Try these suggestions when planning your next vacation and enjoy a genuine escape that relaxes you instead of wearing you out.

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