There’s so much to see and do in New York City that even lifelong residents aren’t able to do it all. However, visitors still have fun trying to cram as much of the Big Apple on their plate as possible. Sojourns to the Empire State Building, Central park, and Times Square are a given, but other must-see areas of the city exist in abundance. Following are four of them.

American Museum of Natural History

Like New York City itself, the American Museum of Natural History can’t all be experienced in one visit. Spanning four city blocks and featuring 25 separate buildings, the Museum is sure to have something for everyone. Be warned, though, that it’s impossible to visit this landmark just once. Most people are planning their next visit before their first is even over.

The museum boasts exhibits such as Life at the Limits, which highlights rare and unusual animals, Climate Change, which presents scientific evidence on the subject, and Disease and Eradication, which follows the history of disease, outbreaks, and the eradication of the same. You can also enjoy dinosaur exhibits and investigate the role of microorganisms inside the human body.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

As one of the largest art museums on the planet, the Metropolitan Museum of Art houses over two million masterpieces from all areas of the world at any given time. Those traveling as families appreciate the selection of high-quality children’s events, while adults enjoy lectures, performances, and other cultural offerings. Admission to the museum and many other highlights of New York City are included in many city tours such as Open Loop New York.

South Street Seaport

The South Sea Seaport has it all, from world-class shopping, regional and planetary cuisine options, and some of the finest and most vibrant nightlife found anywhere on the East Coast. History buffs love the abundance of restored 19th-century commercial structures. Sitting at an outdoor cafe on a sunny day watching the ships come and go in the port is an activity that everyone enjoys. Food and beverage options include everything from small coffee carts offering steaming cups of expertly crafted espresso drinks to fine dining establishments, and, of course, everything in between.

The Brooklyn Bridge

A national landmark since 1964, the Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883 and is one of the longest suspension bridges in the country. It crosses the East River and connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. Bridge tours are one of the most popular ways for visitors to the city to experience the best of the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge offers an excellent vantage point from which to savor the city’s magical skyline, particularly after the sun goes down.

Taking the time to fully experience these and other sightseeing options provides a better visit than trying to rush through as many activities as possible.