You are about ready to head out on your next family vacation with the SUV smartly packed and a full tank of gas to show for it. What you may not have thought of are some snacks for the journey, food that can supplement the lunch items you have already packed. The following are some delicious and healthful travel snacks that you might want to bring with you.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit won’t keep for days on end, but it can provide a good start for your journey. Just as easily when it does run out you can stop and resupply it quickly.

Your fruit options can include whatever is in season. However, the two easiest fruits that can be brought along are apples and bananas. Pack these along with a jar of peanut butter and a knife for spreading. Hungry tummies will be satisfied with this delicious and healthful delight!

Fresh Vegetables

Bring out the cutting board and a knife, then get ready to peel carrots, cut up cucumbers and trim those celery stalks. You can store these foods in a portioned container.

Add in hummus, olives and your favorite low calories sauce and you will have a real treat on your hands. A fresh veggie tray can be most handy when the on-road food choices are not as healthful as you would want.

Bagged Popcorn

You may have heard that bagged popcorn is not especially healthy for you. Certainly, with all the butter and chemicals included, there must be a healthier way to eat.

Popcorn is delicious and is a favorite of many families. You can still enjoy this snack by choosing the organic variety. Pop enough to fill the largest plastic container you have and then seal it. It will stay fresh for several days and provide a welcome snack while your family is on the road.

Trail Mix

Your kids want something that is salty as well as something that is sweet. Perhaps crunchy too! What you have here is a recipe for trail mix, something your can put together with the foods you have around your home.

Your trail mix delight can be composed of a number of different ingredients. Chex cereal, sunflower seeds, raisins, dark chocolate and nuts are commonly used. Set aside one to two ounce servings, adding these to sealable bags. Distribute the trail mix when your kids are looking for a snack.

Make Your Muffins

If you have some time, then making your own healthful muffins can be both a delicious and healthful way to provide snacks for your family. If you already have apples or bananas, then you have important ingredients that can be included.

Muffins can get messy so plan to distribute these when you are stopped such as at a service station to refuel. The kids can eat them on a picnic table and dispose of the paper cups in the trash before washing up and getting back in the car. Provide flavored water for a nice drink to sate their thirst.

Whole Grain Crackers

Not everyone has time to bake before they head out. And you cannot imagine yourself running to the store to get the ingredients for a baking project.

If you already have a box of whole grain crackers, then parcel out serving sizes in sealable plastic bags just as you can do with the trail mix. You can up the protein quotient too by slathering peanut butter on the crackers, making mini sandwiches for the road too.

Food Adventure

One of the biggest worries for many families is eating right while on the road. You can pack lunches, but that isn’t always practical especially when you are traveling for several days and are struggling to keep your food fresh. Careful packing on your part can extend the life of many foods, but be mindful that some items, especially dairy based products, can spoil and may sicken your family.

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