Getting away from the hustle and bustle to camp in the quiet of nature is something many people crave, but don’t often get to do. It is relaxing and calming to enjoy nature, get some fresh air, and discover parts of our world you’ve never been to. If you need to escape the dull and dreary city, consider taking a camping trip to reconnect with the outdoors, and let go of any stress and worry. Below are some of the world’s most famous, and most beloved camp sites for anyone looking to get away.

Mount Desert Island in Maine

Secluded away from any major cities, Mount Desert Island is a nearly empty location, perfect for getting away from people. With wild blueberries hanging heavy from bushes, plenty of places to dive in for a dip, and hiking trails that run all over the rocky, forested island, this is the perfect escape to be one with nature. If you’re truly looking to separate yourself from the world, there is no better campsite to be alone with your thoughts and at one with nature.

Pangong Lake in Ladakh, India

Imagine this: a flat shoreline with brown colored rocks, totally empty. The color of the rock is a stark contrast to the startling blue of the water. That’s what you get with Pangong Lake. Located away from most population centers, the stark beauty of the area means you’ll most likely be one of the few people around. For someone looking for a secluded area with a serene lake as a backdrop, Pangong Lake is definitely the place.

Isle of Arran, Scotland

Surrounded by the beauty of wild Scotland, it’s hard not to want to stay forever once you take in the beauty of the scenery. With the rolling hills stretching far away into the distance, this island has everything a good campsite needs: fresh water, gorgeous views, and plenty of tender to get a warm fire going to protect against the often drizzly nights. For campers who want a lush, green atmosphere as opposed to a dry desert, Scotland is the place for you. The landscape is truly a scene from a fairy tale.

Ruckle Park in British Columbia, Canada

One of the many gulf islands found along the coastline of Canada, Ruckle Park is a paradise for wild campers. With wildlife like bald eagles, plenty of cool, fresh water, and gorgeous sunsets, this is the perfect place to escape for a few days with a good book and a comfortable tent. For those seeking a little wildlife observation, and even interaction, this is the perfect place to see all of nature at it’s best—earth, sky, water, and animal are all thriving in Ruckle Park

Masai Mara, Kenya

Perhaps the riskiest of all campsites, pitching a tent on the savannah means you might wake up to a pride of lions eyeing your campsite – but it is well worth it to experience the beauty of nature in the midst of Africa. This site is only for the adventurous and more experienced camper, and you should consider hiring a local guide to show you the way and help you avoid danger. For those who are brave enough, this site will provide sights and experiences you won’t likely forget.

Camping is a great activity to reconnect with nature. It’s easy to forget about the beauty of nature when you are surrounded by pavement and car exhaust all the time, so when you get a chance, run away to a distant, secluded campsite, and get to know Mother Earth a bit better. There’s no greater thrill for an adventurer than getting back to the basics, and exploring the wonders of our planet.

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