Young singles looking for an opportunity to stretch their wings and fly, should check out these cities from around the country. They offer a great night life, job opportunities to achieve financial independence, and a neighborhood specifically designed for young adults with little to tie them down.

San Francisco, California

With a free and open philosophy, vibrant cultural scene, and a variety of venues where singles can meet others, San Francisco has become a Mecca for young people, just starting out. Affordable apartments for rent can be a stumbling block. However, many new start-up tech companies are centering their activities in the Bay area, so there’s a wealth of career prospects for young professionals. You’ll be able to branch out, and see the many different artistic and historical sides of the town.

New York City

Taking on the Big Apple is still a goal for many young singles just starting out. Career opportunities of all kinds abound in this city, and those interested in the arts will find the cultural atmosphere stimulating and enriching. Housing prices are notoriously high in NYC, and sharing situations like seeing apartments for rent in Bridgeland are often the norm.

Portland, Oregon

With plenty of green spaces to enjoy being in the outdoors, Portland continues to be a draw for many college grads and others, looking to step out on their own. The city has many entertainment venues and a variety of affordable apartments for rent. This is a great place to get in touch with all your favorite outdoor activities and is only a few hours’ drive from the coast.

Boston, Massachusetts

With some of the country’s most prestigious schools, and a number of important companies headquartered in the city, Boston is a top choice of many young singles just starting out. The city offers many cultural activities and outdoor events, restaurants, concerts, and many employment opportunities.

Seattle, Washington

With innovative companies like Microsoft and Amazon headquartered here, Seattle has made its name as a place where new ideas are welcomed. One in six people living in the city is in their 20s, making it an energetic place with many venues for entertainment and outdoor activities. According to Renters Guide, the cost of living is still reasonable, and far below many other tech centers in the country.

Boulder, Colorado

For singles who love outdoor activities and new ideas, Boulder offers the best opportunities to share your interests with like-minded people. The 200 miles of hiking and biking trails provide plenty of recreational space, and the city is home to a number of start-up companies for employment opportunities. 

If you’re looking for a new location where you can be yourself and chart your own path, pick one of these hot spots for singles.