Camping can be a worthwhile activity that will give you the chance to explore another side of life. One of the best aspects of camping is that it doesn’t always have to require a lot of money for trip expenses. If you’re planning an upcoming camping vacation, here are a few great ways to have a getaway that’s both fun and affordable.

Find the Cheapest Campground

Unless you want to go camping in some remote location that’s far removed from society, you’ll likely need to pay to stay at a campground. TripSavvy notes that the least expensive campgrounds charge anywhere from $12 to $25 a night while the going nightly rate at more popular campgrounds is $40 to $50. If you require amenities such as power outlets and enclosed bathrooms and showers, expect to pay a higher rate for your stay.

Make Your Own Equipment

Instead of investing in a lot of expensive camping equipment, you can try making some of your own items with a few simple household supplies. BuzzFeed recommends painting the inside of a jar with a glow-in-the-dark paint that’s nontoxic to use as a cheap lantern. You can also try using the insides of clean tin cans to store bread and other food items. To repel ticks, try mixing one part tea tree oil to two parts of water into a spray bottle and then spraying the natural remedy on your pant cuffs, socks and shoes.

Bring Your Own Accommodations

Part of the fun of camping is being in the great outdoors, and you can save money over renting a cabin by making your own accommodations for yourself. Tents that are furnished with plush sleeping bags and additional padding on the floors can help everyone get a good night of rest. There are also plenty of camper trailers for sale that include many of the same amenities that you’d find in your home.

Enjoy the Free Activities

You won’t have to shell out the extra money for entrance fees to attractions when you go camping. Fishing, swimming and hiking are some of the best free activities that can be enjoyed during a camping trip. You can also build a campfire and cook many of your meals over an open flame. Other fun and inexpensive activities that you might be able to partake in during your vacation include building sandcastles, playing water volleyball and having water balloon fights.

You can have the time of your life and save money by going camping the smart way. Saving money doesn’t have to take away from your enjoyment and can end up making your time in the outdoors more fulfilling.