Berkshire Hathaway Travel Services may have developed the best flight insurance for today’s travelers. No, it isn’t a life insurance policy, but it is a travel service that also works as a concierge.

AirCare Services

Dubbed AirCare, the service can provide domestic flying customers added assurance in the event that a flight has been cancelled, baggage delayed or lost, or various flight delays are experienced. It is a one-time use plan that costs $25 per person. In other words when the AirCare covered flight is over, the insurance ends with it.

If you sign up for AirCare, the benefits are quite good. For instance, if your departing or connecting flight is delayed by two hours or longer, AirCare will automatically transfer $50 to your bank account. If you miss said flight due to a flight delay, $500 will automatically be transferred to your account. The flight delay transfer takes place automatically with AirCare’s MyAssist real-time trip monitoring depositing the money on its own.

Baggage problems can mess up your trip and AirCare provides help there too. If your luggage is delayed by at least 12 hours, then you qualify for a $500 payment transfer to your bank account. Simply submit a picture of your baggage claim form and the claims process will begin.

Losing your baggage can be a disaster. Whether stolen or lost, you can send a picture of the baggage claim form for immediate processing. This benefit awards $1,000 to your account quickly, giving you time to replace your lost items and continue with your trip.

Tarmac Bonuses

And if the other benefits weren’t enough to entice you to sign up, AirCare’s unique tarmac bonuses just may do it. The way that this works is if your plane is stuck on the tarmac for at least two hours, then $1,000 is automatically deposited into your account. Again, AirCare monitors your flight status and will move the money over without you making a request.

AirCare insurance can be purchased up to one hour before your plane departs. A downloadable iPhone or Android app can get you started. Make an electronic payment, perform real-time monitoring and make clickable claims.

Concierge Assistance

If you need help, a concierge is available as well. Simply send a text message, chat with a MyAssist agent, make a phone call, leave a tweet on Twitter or connect via Facebook. Get help finding a rental car, booking a hotel room or having some other financial need satisfied.

Keep in mind that there are eligibility requirements with all travel insurance plans including AirCare. For instance, if your flight is already delayed or is experiencing some other problem, then AirCare won’t cover it. Extreme weather present in the vicinity of the departing or arriving airport at the time of your flight is another exception.

Berkshire Hathaway is quick to note that AirCare provides coverage like no other insurer. In this case they are correct. What they don’t cover is international travel, a travel condition that has too many variables to adequately insure.

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