Exploring the state of Minnesota can be a delightful experience for those who love nature and outdoors. Woodlands and lakes make it possible to participate in many activities and adventures. Ranging from family friendly activities to completely roughing it outdoors. There is something for everyone in beautiful Minnesota.

Wildlife Encounters Near Ely

Ely in the Vermillion Iron Range offers visitors the International Wolf Center and the North American Bear Center. At the Wolf Center, travelers can learn about the animals as well as observe the residents of the special enclosure. At the Bear Center, exhibits educate visitors about the various types of bears on the continent, as well as the opportunity to observe the resident ambassador bears in their habitat enclosure. Wildlife waits close at hand to be seen and experienced. This is a great family friendly activity for anyone who loves animals and it’s a great opportunity for kids to see animals in their natural habitat, rather than in a zoo.

Mountain Biking Adventures in Cuyuna County

The Cuyuna County State Recreation Area shows the efforts of citizens to reclaim land chewed up by open-pit iron mining. In the midst of the vegetation and clear lakes, designed mountain biking trails offer a variety of experiences. Graded for difficulty, the trails can bring even the novice mountain biker closer to the hardiness of rehabilitated nature. There are four different trail options for those who want an easier ride versus a hard core workout.

Hiking and Canoeing Along the Gunflint Trail

In the opposite northeast corner of the state, the outdoor wanderer can find the Gunflint Trail. A roadway following the line of the original foot trail leading to Lake Superior brings travelers into a truly inviting region. Whether hiking or canoeing, there are plenty of opportunities for activity. The trail is full of visitors all year round and offers cross country skiing and sled dogs in snowier months. Indeed, one could make a long stay there exploring the sights, so check out the Gunflint Trail lodging options while adventuring in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Fishing the Mississippi Headwaters

The avid fisherman can enjoy the opportunities of angling in the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River at Itasca State Park. The various lakes in the region offer walleye, northern pike and bass, all ready to challenge the fishing skills of visitors. The landscape of the area features the rocky hills and depressions left by the retreat of glaciers ages ago. Year round, the seasonal beauty of the park can appeal to those who love the outdoors.

Rock Climbing at Blue Mounds

In the southwest corner of the state, Rock County’s Blue Mounds State Park harbors an American bison herd on the remains of open plains. Although visitors are urged to stay away from the wild bison, the park features rock climbing on the cliff that is the highlight of the park.

Throughout Minnesota, the patient traveler can find occasions for all sorts of outdoor activities, through all the seasons. The state makes a determined effort to maintain the precious natural environment so that future generations can enjoy it as much as today’s visitors do.