Most people enjoy traveling throughout the year with their pets for a great way to spend extra time with their four-legged friend. Unfortunately, traveling with an animal can be challenging when it comes to taking a road trip or boarding a plane. To ensure that your trip is smooth and that your dog or cat remains safe, there are a few tips to follow for traveling with pets.

1. Consider a Pets-Only Airline

Allow your pet to stay comfortable while flying on a plane by choosing an airline that is for pets only. The cabins are climate controlled and flight attendants check on each animal every 15 minutes to make sure they’re spending their time in the air in maximum safety. Pets can even be picked up by their owners in a lounge and are given bathroom breaks after landing.

2. Use Extra ID Tags

Prevent your pet from getting lost by adding an extra ID tag to their collar and on their carrier. You also want to have them chipped by your local vet to ensure that they can be found if their ID tag becomes lost.

3. Restrain Pets in the Car

Pets are at risk of getting injured if you’re involved in an accident while spending time on the road. Use a restraint to buckle up the dog or cat and keep them secure as you spend time in the car. According to a blog post on the Fretz RV website, you can also restrain your cat or dog in a properly sized travel to prevent them from jumping around the vehicle and being a distracting hazard for the driver. They also recommend, if you’re traveling in an RV, confining your pet to the bedroom area. This will give them more room to move around without interrupting the driver operating the vehicle. Make a pit stop every two to three hours to allow your dog or cat to relieve themselves and get a bit of exercise.

4. Plan Your Itinerary Ahead of Time

Many travelers make the mistake of failing to write out an itinerary and research the attractions that they plan to visit before leaving on the trip. Research ahead of time to determine locations that may not allow pets inside of museums or at public beaches. This will allow you to visit certain places where animals are welcome to ensure that you don’t have to leave your pet in the car or at a hotel.

Although it may require extra planning to travel with your pet, it’s possible to enjoy vacationing without parting from your extra family member. By bringing a dog or cat along, you can allow your pet to see different sites and explore new locations without feeling left behind.