While the idea of traveling frequently sounds exciting and romantic, it can also get tiring. If you are on the road a great deal, there are certain steps you can take to make your travels more relaxing and enjoyable. Here are five of the best ways to be more comfortable when you travel.

1. Get the Most Comfortable Seats When You Fly

You may not always be able to fly first class or even business class, but there are differences even between economy seats. Research ahead of time which airlines have the best reputation for comfortable seating. Furthermore, you can choose your seats strategically if you make your reservations early enough. For example, most planes provide more legroom in seats furthest from the restrooms. There are travel apps and services that can help you to find the most comfortable seats on any flight.

2. Bring a Travel Pillow

Long distances and time are often the most difficult parts of traveling. People often get restless and anxious during their travels. Especially if they have to site for long periods of time. One of the best ways to pass the time is to sleep. With that said, make sure you take a travel pillow so you can make any flight, train, car or bus ride more comfortable. This will help you to sleep during long trips. It will also help you avoid that extremely unpleasant sensation of a stiff neck that can occur if you fall asleep in an awkward position. It also helps to pass the time.

3. Use a Luxury Taxi Service

Arranging transportation with a luxury taxi service ensures that you will have a pleasant and smooth ride. Rather than trying to hail a taxi at the airport or hotel, you can be assured of having comfortable transportation when you need it (Source: Airflight Services). Not only will the ride be more enjoyable but you won’t have to worry about having trouble finding a taxi at the last minute.

4.Travel With Ear Plugs and Quality Headphones

Background noises can be extremely annoying if you’re trying to relax or sleep during a flight or long trip of any kind. Noise-canceling headphones can allow you to enjoy your favorite music or perhaps an audiobook while you travel. If you want to fall asleep or enjoy some silence, ear plugs can allow you to do this.

5. Bring Multiple Forms of Entertainment

There are many ways to keep yourself amused during long trips. You can use high tech devices such as an iPod or Kindle so that you can listen to music or books. Don’t overlook old school choices such as paperbacks, magazines and puzzle books. Long flights or other journeys are also a good time to study that foreign language course you’ve been meaning to tackle or perhaps work on the novel you’ve been planning.

Traveling can be fun and exciting or tedious and exhausting. While you can’t always control every element of your environment, there are some choices that can help make your travels more pleasant. The more aspects of your trip that you plan ahead for, the more likely it is that you’ll be comfortable.