Whether you’re traveling solo or with others, there are some precautions you can take to ensure your safety. These safety tips can prevent crime and alert others if you do not arrive at your destination on time. Enjoy your trip — at the same time remain alert especially in unfamiliar surroundings.

1. Share a copy of your itinerary. Families that travel will often leave contact information with the person that is watching their house, taking their mail or otherwise is aware that they’re away. You should share your itinerary with someone you trust, an individual that has a good idea about your comings and goings.

2. Stash the cash. If your wallet is stolen you could be without credit cards and cash. Then what will you do? A good idea here is to keep cash and credit cards in separate places — perhaps putting the cash in a separate zipped, secured liner and leaving your credit cards in your wallet.

3. Purchase traveler’s insurance. If you take a cruise, rent a house, or buy airline tickets, you’ve made quite an investment in your journey. If you get sick or otherwise are unable to go, can you afford to lose that money? Probably not, which is why opting for the travel insurance policy makes sense.

4. Notify your credit card company. Should your trip take you out of state or especially if it takes you out of country, will you be using your credit cards? If so, it is a good idea to notify your credit card providers that you are traveling. Do this before you leave your home. That way, if the card company suddenly sees transactions popping up in strange places, they won’t automatically lock down your account until you respond to their inquiry about suspicious purchases.

5. Stay on the beaten path. Quite easily you could get to your location and begin to take in the sights, but explore an area far from recommended paths. After all, you want to see everything, right? Know that danger may be lurking and it could be just around the corner from your hotel. An area may seem safe, but if it isn’t familiar to you, it could prove dangerous.

6. Maintain your health. If you aren’t feeling well, then illness can affect your judgment. You’ll want to leave on your trip with your shots up to date and your medications in tow. You also need to bring with you emergency numbers such as your doctor and your dentist. Drink bottled water to avoid diarrhea. Only eat raw food that can be peeled or hot food that has been thoroughly cooked. Stay aware from raw diary products, seafood and wash your hands thoroughly.

7. Upgrade your cell phone plan. You’ll be taking your cell phone with you while you’re away. Just make sure to contact your provider to find out about its global data plan. Also, you don’t want to hit the road to find out that your either your cell phone or the coverage is not sufficient where you’re traveling.

Travel Safety

If you’re traveling abroad, you should have the phone numbers and location for the US embassy and its consulate with you. Make a photo copy of your passport too and keep that copy separate from your passport. If you lose your passport, the copy will make it easier for your to get a new one.

Lastly, if you are traveling alone, check in from time to time to let people know how you are doing and your location. Update your Facebook page, send an email, or make a quick call home to apprise people of your trip.

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