Winter is almost over. The weather is getting warmer. You are probably tired of being cooped up inside at home or at the office all day long. Luckily, spring is right around the corner igniting sparks of excitement to plan for that perfect vacation getaway. All there is to do to make your getaway run more smoothly is to plan wisely! Check out these handy traveling tips to get you started:

Less Can Be More

Sometimes our travel vision can be larger than our common sense faculties. Try making an effort to plan fewer activities than you think you might want to do. This strategy supports those unexpected moments when life decides to reroute or derail original plans, providing plenty of room for error. You also want to keep in mind the time it takes to get to your actual destination. For example, if you are flying to a different country, you are likely to suffer from jet lag. This means your body will naturally be tired until you adjust to that time zone. With that said, you will want to take it easy and prepare to make some changes in your travel plans if needed. If you push too hard and try to do everything, then you will come home feeling like you need another vacation from your vacation.

Minimize Airport Parking Hassles

Rely on super convenient online resources like Simple Airport Parking to help you avoid the hassles of parking at the airport. Removing the hassles and expenses of parking your car while away reduces stress while opening windows of freedom and opportunity.

Consider Travel Companions

Traveling can be stressful in different ways to different people. Prior to making any travel arrangements have every person write down any medical conditions, medications and health preferences for easy reference in case of an emergency. Have companions pack medical bracelets, necklaces, inhalers and other life-support/life-saving items in an easy-to-find, recognizable location.

Choose International Hubs Carefully

International travel hubs can be overcrowded and stressful. Extra taxes are included in ticket fares to help support the cost of these hubs. Choose less expensive hubs like Vienna (VIE), Frankfurt (FRA) and Amsterdam (AMS) for more attractive hub and travel experiences.

Adapting Minimally

Too many electronic adapters? Scale down by simply relying on a small USB hub easily powered from any computer. Or, purchase an adapter that can charge up to four USB instruments or devices from only one wall outlet.

Culture Shock

Recognizing and adapting to cultural differences may take a little practice. Prior research can help. Learn to peaceably say "No". This will help avoid problems in cultures which thrive on tricky tourism tactics or unsavory methods in which to take your money or valuables.

Reach Out, Stay Safe

The most seasoned traveler understands the significance of asking for help for when traveling. Connecting with respected resources such as travel agents, hotel/property management teams, friends and family with travel experience, and even a destination’s local legal authorities can provide great insight surrounding traveling concerns.

Always assume there will be bumps in the literal and figurative travel road. Turn getaway experiences into a smoother ride by paying extra attention to pre-planning details.