Ottawa, Canada is home to many world famous attractions. These attractions vary from natural beauty to man-made engineering. Regardless of their origin, they all work together to make Ottawa a very famous province. Find a hotel such as Carter Place Suite Hotel, or one of the many other Ottawa meeting facilities, and visit these sites today.

ByWard Market

Located in Ontario, the ByWard Market is a must see for anyone visiting the city. The market itself is the oldest farmers market in Canada, and offers a unique experience that is rich with Canadian culture. Within the massive marketplace, a wide variety of locally grown produce and flowers can be found along with an experience like no other. 

Parliament Hill

The southern region of the Ottawa River in Ontario is home to one of the most beautiful architectural feats in Canada; Parliament Hill. More casually known as "The Hill", this building is a key location for the government of Canada, as well as for the country’s tourism industry. 

Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Canadian Museum Of Civilization is the ultimate stop in Ottawa for the traveling history buff. This expansive museum covers the history of the human race in breath taking detail. This Museum also features life size recreations of the some of the world’s most important people and events. Making sure you have enough time to take in everything that the Canadian Museum Of Civilization has to offer is important for it to be truly appreciated. 

Rideau Canal

This beautiful, 202 kilometer long canal is responsible for connecting the cities of Ontario and Kingston. Opened in 1832 and still operated today, Rideau Canal has become a landmark for Canadian history

Gatineau Park

Few locations are capable of showing off Canada’s true natural beauty like Gatineau Park. This 361 square mile park offers visitors countless hiking trails, visitor centers, and educational experiences. Gatineau Park should certainly be visited by any nature loving travelers in Ottawa. 

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is not only home to the printing location of the country’s money, but also contains a fascinating museum. Guided tours are available here to show how the currency is made, transported, and distributed. Many tourists also find the included national museum to be extremely fascinating. 

Canadian War Museum

Also located in Ontario is the Canadian War Museum. This is a truly reverent and in depth look into Canada’s military history. Very detailed information about each of Canada’s military conflicts and involvements is discussed in a respectful manner to Canada’s fallen soldiers. This museum can either be toured on your own time, or by one of the museum’s knowledgeable tour guides.