Throughout your life you have dreamed about all the places you would love to visit. Either you did not have the time or you didn’t have the finances. Either way, many of those landmarks still remained on your bucket list. For these reasons alone, life begins after retirement.

Now senior type vacations that offer bus tours may be filled with enjoyment or relaxation but, they seem to lack the sense of freedom and awe. However, travel plans can be rewarding, exciting and adventurous. As well, planning for life after retirement is a significant undertaking. For it is a time when you can live your dream and visit some of the most amazing places on earth. Here is a list of some places you must see after retirement

Northern Lights

Although not a landmark, visiting the Northern Lights is on most people’s bucket list. It is a definite “must see”. This natural phenomenon fills the sky with dancing beams of spectacular colors against the blackened night sky. The best chance of seeing this wonder is between 66 to 69 degrees north which includes Canada and Alaska, northern Russia and northern Scandinavia and parts of Greenland.

There is also what is known as the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis). It generally starts lighting up the sky around March.

Paris, France

There are not too many people who do not dream about going to Paris. It is a city filled with rich culture, rich history, amazing food and the best of everything – chocolate, wine, perfume, fashion and more. Some of the most popular landmarks in the City of Light are the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Moulin Rouge, Versailles Palace and the many bistros and shops along the way.


This is one of the incredible great wonders of the world and renowned in Europe as a prehistoric monument. You can explore the ancient relic easily on foot and visit the foot and visit the Neolithic Houses comprised of over 250 old tools and objects. Also visit the stone circle, a museum, the Stonehenge exhibition and more.

The Maldives

Prior to the early 1970s, the Maldives was an unknown paradise. It encompasses an area of about 90,000 square kilometers (35,000 sq. mi), of lush mountains, valleys and beaches. Renowned for its spectacular scuba diving – it has white sandy beaches, massive coral reefs, rich marine life and clear warm water.

The Great Wall

This is said to be the greatest wonder of the world. The Great Wall extends about 13,170 miles (21,196 kilometers) and has a history more than 2,000 years. However, some sections of the wall have disappeared or are in ruins. Today, most of the existing wall is from the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall stretches east to west in China winding through grasslands, desserts, plateaus and mountains.

Canyon Steps, Pailon del Diablo, Ecuador

Situated in Pailon del Diablo, Ecuador, the legendary Canyon Steps is a magnificent climb of twisting stairs that takes you through an unforgettable experience. From the winding stairs you can see the graceful and vast waterfall Paílón del Diablo. The waterfall itself is about 100 feet high. As well, the landscape will leave you breathless.

The Grand Canyon

A World Heritage Site located in northwestern Arizona. This park covers 1,217,262 acres of unincorporated area in both Mohave and Coconino counties. The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and features a vast canyon, a gorge of the Colorado River and abundant wildlife. To suit your adventurous spirit there is hiking, backpacking, river trips camping, lodging and shuttle busses.


After all of your world travels it may be time to settle down. When it comes to retirement homes, it is important to find a prime location that meets your lifestyle and traveling needs. As of late, a favored spot for retirement is in Pharr Texas. In fact, it won the All-America City Award for being a city where citizens and business work together and achieve uncommon results.

Another pleasure of retiring in Pharr TX is that it is close to the ocean, and is about an hour’s drive to Monterrey and near San Antonio if you need to take a major flight to a favored destination.

As you can see there are a lot of places you have to see before settling down. There are so many great wonders out there to explore. What better time to travel the world than after retirement?