Spring and summer are seemingly right around the corner. Hopefully you are planning for you next vacation this year. Vacation days are a much sought-after commodity for American workers. As such, it is important to make the most of one’s days off by making a trip as fabulous as possible. Here are 5 ways to take your next vacation in style.

Splurge on first class

If you are planning to fly to your vacation spot, you might want to consider flying first class. With coach class seats becoming less and less comfortable, upgrading to first class has never been more worth it. This especially holds true for domestic trips where deals on first class seats can often be found. When you take into account the added amenities (first class usually includes full meal and bar service, along with up to 3 checked bags) the price difference becomes even smaller. Depending on the size of your plane, your first class cabin might also have seats that can recline all the way back making it more comfortable for you to take a nap. Bottom line, if you have the money to spend to upgrade to the first class cabin, then do it. It will undoubtedly make your trip more comfortable traveling to and from.

Hire a car service

Airport parking is expensive, especially in major cities like Los Angeles or New York, so leave the driving to a professional. A town car for 4 can cost as little as $100 each way for door to door service. According to LAX Car Service, this is not only less stressful than driving yourself but can often work out to being cheaper.

Book early

Whether it’s a hotel, a cruise, or a plane, booking earlier can make your life significantly more relaxed while on vacation as it is one less thing to worry about. With the exception of some mainstream cruise lines, the best deals are usually found the earlier one books. Airfare almost always increases as the departure date draws near and many hotels offer early booking bonuses like free upgrades or included meals. By booking as far in advance as possible, you may be able to grab a 4 star hotel in a prime location for the price of a 3 star further afield at the last minute.

Reserve a great restaurant

Experiencing local cuisine is one of the highlights of visiting a new place. Do some research and find one of the finest restaurants in your destination city. One with rave reviews from locals will ensure it is not just a tourist trap. Make reservations about a month ahead of time; keep in mind, if the place is particularly famous you may have to reserve even earlier.

Spend on a really nice souvenir

Forget the magnets and t-shirts. One really nice souvenir is all that is really needed to remember your trip. A fabulous rug from Turkey or a jade bracelet from China will mean much more than any dust-collecting knickknack ever will.

However much time you have, any trip can be stylish and memorable. This tips will ensure you have the kind of vacation that you discuss with friends and family for years to come.