Manila is the capital of the Philippines, a metropolitan area with more than 12 million residents. The city has many historical places that showcase several important events that took place over its long history, what ultimately helped Filipinos achieve their goal: freedom. Tourists can visit these historically significant Manila destinations as well as other venues that every member of the family should enjoy. The following are five such places to take in when visiting this historic city.

1. Rizal Park – This place (Rizal Park) was named after Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine’s national hero. The site represent the place where he was executed on December 30, 1896. That historical event initiated the revolution of the Filipinos against Spanish invaders that led to their freedom. It is situated at the center of Manila and is also near the famous Manila Bay. This park is admired because of its wide, solemn, and beautiful garden, and its spacious lawns, what makes it a perfect place for families to relax, unwind, and bond while taking in the majestic view. The park also has amazing fountains with dancing lights every night, something that kids surely enjoy. Tourists can easily spot this wonderful place as Rizal’s monument is located right at its entrance.

2. Manila Ocean Park – If you love the ocean and sea creatures, then you would surely love the awesome Manila Ocean Park. This park offers a lot of activities like dry encounter, where you can touch some of the sea animals, take the trails to an Antarctica exhibit where you can see and feed penguins, enjoy a glass bottom boat ride, and take in the jellies exhibit, the mermaid swim experience, an oceanarium, and other highlights. There is also a birds of prey kingdom, featuring birds native to the Philippines.

3. Museo Pambata – Also known as Children’s Museum, the Museo Pambata is perhaps the most kid friendly tourist spot in Manila. The museum offers numerous educational, exciting, and fun activities, just perfect for kids. They have a section called body works, where the kids can explore and enter the human body by going through a tunnel maze, making it possible for them to learn more about how a human functions. The museum includes Old Manila, a section that showcases what the old city looked like, including its original public transportation system and buildings. My Planet Earth showcases exhibits about climate change — how to prevent it and the many ways on how to take care of the planet.

4. Intramuros – If you love to see vintage places, then in Intramuros you will find old buildings, walls, and even imagine life during Spanish times. There is also a museum where you can see the works of Rizal, including his table, attire, room, and more. Manila Cathedral is also located within this historical destination.

5. Mall of Asia – The Mall of Asia is the largest mall in the Philippines and the 11th largest mall in the world. At the mall you will find hundreds of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. It also has an IMAX theater, a skating rink, an esplanade, and a ferris wheel. The mall is the perfect place to go when you have had your fill of parks, museums and historical sites.

Other Manila Attractions

If you still have time, there are other Manila attractions you will want to see. The Manila Zoo is a kid favorite and the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial pays tribute to the thousands of Americans that gave their lives during the Second World War. The city also is home to several cathedrals, a football stadium and museums, offering an enriching and enjoyable experience for one and all.

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