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Montreal, Quebec, has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Canada. With its deep-rooted culture and unique history, even those residing in other parts of Quebec find it advantageous to vacation in Montreal. With that being said, the city has developed greatly over the years to accommodate the ample amount of tourists that visit on a yearly basis. Although there may be new attractions that are well-known, there are many secret destinations in Montreal that you must discover if you are in Quebec.

1. Ste Anne de Bellevue (West Island)

Perfect for the whole family, Ste Anne de Bellevue on West Island is a wonderful place to watch boats pass through Lake St Louis as they progress to the St Lawrence River. In comparison to standing on a boardwalk far away from the water, you can walk through the locks for an up close experience. You can also take the family to unique and quaint bistros for an afternoon snack. For a romantic getaway, consider The Willows Inn which is a 100-year-old house that has been converted to a first class restaurant and inn.

2. Vintage Shopping at the Plaza St-Hubert

As one of the most popular shopping locations in Quebec during the 1960s, the Plaza St-Hubert has an extensive collection of vintage clothing and shoe stores that are perfect for those looking for an old-fashioned flair. Even for those who are not looking to buy vintage clothing, it is still a fascinating trip to make to see the old styles. There are also many unique shops that have little trinkets to keep the kids entertained during your vacation.

3. Hochelaga Maisonneuve

For architecture buffs, Hochelaga Maisonneuve is an interesting area to visit. It was once the 4th largest city in all of Canada but it then merged into Montreal at the peak of the 20th century. For families who are looking to take in the beautiful masonry and architecture of Montreal, Hochelaga Maisonneuve is the perfect location. You can attend the various markets and take a tour of the Chateau Dufresne.

4. Bibliothèque National

Known to Montrealers, the Bibliothèque National is the place to go to learn more about French history in Canada. You can review genealogies, review writer archives and take in literary life. It also has nifty theater box places where you can sit and quietly read on its west side — the perfect place to indulge your reading without interruption.

5. Place Jean-Paul Riopelle

The Place Jean-Paul Riopelle is a public square located in the Quartier International. The square was created in 2004 and is highlighted by a sculpture of Riopelle and features a fountain of alternating water jets. On summer evenings a circle of fire appears on the water. This design was first used at Olympic Park in 1976. When the steam advances the flames will follow. Every hour on the half hour from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Montreal Happenings

There are many other locations that are better known that can also go on your to-do list. One of the most popular is Mosaicultures Internationales, shrub and flower gardens with unique sculptures that will enthrall you. The city is also home to numerous historical churches including Notre-Dame Basilica, Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours Chapel (Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours) and Cathedral of Marie-Reine-du-Monde. Not to be missed is the Place des Arts, a museum, theater and concert hall wrapped into one cultural destination.

Montreal is comprised of a variety of different interesting secret locations to provide you with a memorable vacation. An added benefit is that it is incredibly close to some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

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