Everyone wants their wedding day to be memorable and fun. Sometimes the dream wedding is planned in a far-away destination. Other times it will happen right down the street. In any case, some cities that you may never thought of as great locales for a destination wedding are, in fact, perfect for a dream ceremony and reception.

Phoenix, AZ

Yes, Phoenix is hot in the summer. But there are plenty of other times of the year that are perfect for weddings. The countless golf courses, historic museums and hotels, and even the Phoenix Zoo make beautiful and interesting places to have your wedding. The Stingray Bay reception space at the zoo is truly unique in that guests can watch and interact with the animals as they enjoy their reception dinner.

Ottawa, ON

Downtown Ottawa contains treasures such as picturesque photo opportunities near the Rideau Canal and conveniently located hotels such as the Cartier Place & Towers Suite Hotel. Ceremonies can be held at city hall or on-site at your hotel where you can then continue your celebration with a reception and stay that is perfect for enjoying all that Ottawa has to offer. Plan to have expert chefs cater your lovely event and enjoy every minute of your special day. Holding all of your wedding day activities on-site takes away so much of the stress that can plague an event.

Seattle, WA

Seattle is home to an unusual and fun attraction, the Space Needle. What an unexpectedly cool place to be married! 100 foot views are not the only thing that Seattle has to offer. They are known for amazing food and fun nightlife. Consider a rooftop reception to enjoy Seattle’s skyline while dining on some of their delicious fresh-caught fare.

New Orleans, LA

If you are looking for a colorful and fun ceremony site complete with a flavorful Cajon or Creole reception dinner, look no further than New Orleans. Steamboat Natchez is an authentic steamboat ride experience that will leave you in awe of the beautiful sunset and feasting on Southern cooking while cruising down the Mississippi River.

Wherever you choose to hold your dream wedding, be sure to pick someplace that reflects you as a couple and matches your personality and preferences. Some locations are better for big weddings while others may be better suited for intimate affairs. Also, when planning a destination wedding, a planner can pay off immensely by taking some of the stress away and letting you enjoy your day.