Individuals facing retirement often look for a location that allows them to make the most of their older years. These individual often research a number of desirable locations in order to maximize their finances and ability to access amenities. Oregon is becoming known as a favorable choice for retirees because of a number of features of the state.

1 – Moderate Climate

Oregon enjoys a moderate climate year-round. Various regions in the state experience slight variations because of the mountainous elevations. The area west of the Cascade Mountains has chilly winters with snowfall a few times during the season. Arctic cold waves contribute to the severe cold in the winter. The high desert region in the center of the state produces less precipitation, hotter temperatures in the summer and colder temperatures in the winter. The eastern portion of the state is much drier than the more populous areas of the western section.

2 – Abundant Natural Beauty

For those who enjoy being outdoors, Oregon offers many opportunities to hike, fish, kayak, bicycle, picnic and bird-watch.

  • Boardman State Park,

    near Brookings, has a number of small beaches, sand dunes and breathtaking views.
  • Mount Hood
    is the highest point in the state and a popular site for winter sports.
  • Crater Lake National Park,
    set in the Cascade Mountains, offers a water-filled caldera of an ancient volcano. You can drive along the shoreline or join a cruise to explore this deep, intensely blue lake.
  • Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway
    is a drive that will take you past extraordinary scenery with a number of stops along the way for picnicking.
  • Washington Park in Portland
    is a popular urban area that offers a number of amenities, including the International Rose Test Garden, Portland Japanese Garden, Children’s Museum and the Oregon Zoo.
  • Oregon Caves National Monument
    is an area of hiking trails through old-growth conifer trees and an underground marble cave that can be viewed on guided tours.
  • The Oregon Coast Trail
    provides hikers with scenic views and challenging terrain that skirts roads, rivers and coastal regions.
  • Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area
    includes the deepest canyon in the United States, wildlife viewing, fishing and extensive outdoor activities.

3 – Many Cultural Activities

Active retirees in Oregon have a number of cultural activities available to them. Oregon’s cities provide a number of live performances, visual arts museums, concerts, film festivals and historic sites and celebrations. The cities of Portland, Eugene, Salem, Bend and Medford all offer unique opportunities to enjoy the rich artistic and cultural background of the state.

Oregon has a deep influence of Native American culture, with 80 different tribes that populated the area before the European settlement of the region. Today, a confederation of tribes operate casinos in the state, permit hiking and fishing on their lands and educate the public on Native American culture.

4 – Favorable Tax Laws

In the state of Oregon, individuals who receive Social Security benefits are exempt from paying the state tax on this income. There is no state sales tax, which allows Oregon residents to enjoy lower prices on purchases for their everyday needs. Property taxes are also lower than the average tax in the United States, which help to keep living expenses lower for retirees who are often living on fixed incomes.

Every individual considers a number of different factors when looking for a good place to retire. The state of Oregon offers a number of options that make it one of the most favorable places for older people to enjoy their retirement years. Research the many amenities and learn why Oregon is becoming one of the top destinations for retirees.