What do you think of when you’re planning your summer holiday? Snoozing in the hammock? Relaxing by the pool? Doing yardwork? Instead of leaning on the same old activities you’ve done every other summer, why not splurge on an experience that’ll provide you with brilliant memories to last a lifetime? Below are a few ways to fill every second of your vacation with something new and splendid as you travel the world.

1. Yacht in the Indian Ocean

A cruise in the Caribbean or Aegean is a popular choice for maritime holidays. But have you ever thought about hiring a luxury yacht and exploring the island countries of the Indian Ocean on your own? From Madagascar to the Maldives and beyond, the Indian Ocean offers extraordinary ports of call. And when you’re piloting the vessel, you’re free to linger at Lhaviyani or beachcomb at Beau Vallon. Make sure to procure insurance on a boat or yacht you get, whether you purchase or rent it. Marine Agency is one place where you can get your yacht insured.

2. Stay in a Luxury British hotel

Did you ever wonder where the “perfectly English” stay when in London? Find out when you book the Royal Suite at the Goring Hotel. At over £8,000 a night, the Royal Suite still isn’t the most expensive place to stay in town, but it is certainly the most British. The Duchess of Cambridge’s parents stayed here when Kate and William got married; Buckingham Palace is, after all, just around the corner. The gorgeously appointed rooms are decorated with royal memorabilia, including a life-size portrait of Queen Victoria in the master bath. Did we mention that the suite comes with its own footman?

3. Snorkel the Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands struck wonder into Melville and set Darwin to thinking deep thoughts, and they’ll knock your socks off too with their wealth of wildlife. You’ll want to tour the islands with a trained naturalist, of course, and with as few other people as possible. What about taking a kayak expedition along the coast? You’ll be meeting penguins, sea lions, turtles, and dolphins, and an even greater assortment of amazing creatures – in their natural habitat – if you snorkel and visit them under the water.

4. Cook in the Basque countryside.

The Basque territory, encompassing northern Spain and the French side of the Pyrenees, has recently blossomed with world-class restaurants featuring local cuisine creatively prepared. There you’ll find the guisante lagrima, a green pea whose flavor is so exquisite and transient that it must be served within a 250 km territory to maintain its flavor. Then there’s the lightly sparkling local txakoli wine with its biting taste. Enroll in a cooking class in Bilbao or San Sebastian and discover some of the world’s most delicious new dishes.

When it comes to unforgettable summer activities, the world’s your oyster. Don’t settle with letting the summer slip by through lazy pastimes. Think out of the box to discover some of the luxurious delights on offer this summer as you see the world and try something new!