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Alameda Park Zoo
The Alameda Park Zoo provides an aesthetically pleasing naturalistic environment, which promotes education in the environmental fields of study
Albuquerque Aquarium
The Albuquerque Aquarium takes visitors on a journey down the Rio Grande from Albuquerque to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico.
Rio Grande Zoo
Founded in 1927, the 64-acre Rio Grande Zoo offers visitors close encounters with more than 250 species of exotic and native animals.
Spring River Zoo
If you get a bit tired of the techno world come out to the Spring River Zoo and get back in touch with our planet. We have native plants and animals to enjoy and several unique attractions.
Albuquerque Biological Park
The Albuquerque Biological Park is theAlbuquerque Aquarium, Rio Grande Botanic Garden, Rio Grande Zoo andTingley Beach.Our mission is to provide the public ...
Living Desert Garden
An indoor/outdoor living museum displaying more than 40 native animal species and hundreds of succulent plants from around the world.

Rio Grande Botanical Garden
An oasis in the desert near Albuquerque, the garden features a conservatory with desert and Mediterranean plants, a butterfly conservatory, and landscaped ...